Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dooney & Burke Avenger Purse!

Last weekend Disney held the run Disney Avengers Marathon at Disneyland. I wanted to sign up for it but it sold out really quickly, like comic con quick.

Poking around on the internet, I kept seeing people with these really cool Avenger cross body bags and I really wanted one. After much research, it turned out to be from Dooney & Burke. They are a high end bag/purse company who have been making Disney theme purses for a while.

My favorites have been Disney Sketch & the Charm Bracelet/Chain that is no longer available.

(Credit: Disney Blog)

Look at the pattern! I don't know why but I absolutely love it. It could be the colors or the fact that it's just simple that I could rock the purse any where, any time. (Who am I kidding I would rock it if it was a loud pattern with the cartoon characters on it.) I love having geeky purses but I never find any Avengers one. I own a backpack but it doesn't have Black Widow on it. 

I did more digging around and it turns out they only had plans to sell it during the marathon

This makes me really sad. Granted, Dooney & Burke purses are expensive and they make me cry but I have been gifted a few of their items and they do last. I have two of their wristlets, not Disney theme but I've had them for about 8 years and they look good. 

I really hope Disney and Dooney & Burke change their minds and sell the Avengers purse for the masses that didn't get to go the race. I would drop the money in a heart beat. If they want to keep it exclusive to the marathon, I hope they consider releasing a new design! Who wouldn't want an Avengers purse? I want one and I bet there are a ton of fans who wouldn't mind owning one!! 

Until then, I will stalk ebay and cry looking at those auction prices. 

Do you guys know any good geek purses/bags? What are your favorite brands? Which one is your favorite purse to use? Do you just make your own purses? 
I do love my Sailor Moon hobo bag that I picked up at WDW but it broke within three days of using it. 

On a side note: I own a huge collection of Tokidoki x Le Sport Sac purses which I just adore. I wished when Tokidoki did the Marvel clothing line, they had purses too. And if they did, why did I never see any?

EDIT: It was pointed out that Dooney & Burke/Disney left off Iron Man from the print! (Thanks Barbarella!) I didn't even notice it. I was excited to see Hawkeye & Black Widow on it. They get cut out of a lot of things. Also, the print on the purse is similar to the Her Universe print too!

Which reminds me, I need to add that dress to my wish list!


  1. I still think it's weird/funny that Iron man is missing from the design!

  2. Awwwww they should make it available for everyone!! or at least do a new design.. with maybe Iron Man on it lol

  3. In that same vein, they should do an entire Avengers line of handbags for each character as well as one that's similar to this exclusive one. That would be awesome!!

  4. Such an incredible bag! I hope they make it available to everyone too. I wonder why they chose to leave Iron man off it?

  5. I also love the tokidoki bags. They're always so cute and trendy

  6. Such a rad bag, but no Iron Man? Strange. Also, those Toki Doki bags are amazing! My friend has one of the backpacks and I can't help but stare at its amazingness, haha.

  7. I LOVE Toki Doki...but man, do I want this bag now!


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