Nerdvember and Put together project

I made it through my first week of both Nerdvember and Put Together Project. I'm sharing on Instagram but I'm gonna do a weekly run down of the outfits!

Beanie: Betsey Johnson (similar)  // Gremlins Jumper : Romwe (No longer available) // Jeans : Forever 21

11/1/2014 - I wore this to Halloween Horror Nights. I felt it was totally appropriate to be rocking my Stripe jumper. I adore Gremlins so much. 

Sailor Moon Jumper: Ebay // Purple shirt: thrifted // Doctor Who leggings: Her Universe (No longer available)

11/2/2014 - Mistah J and I only spent half a day in LA and we came back home on Sunday. We caught a 6am bus. I forced myself to stay awake when we got back to SF and I fixed myself up.

Avengers body con dress : Wet Seal (no longer available) // Black skirt : Old Navy // Shrug Sweater: Thrifted // Necklace: Origami Owl inspired

11/3/2014 - I never thought about wearing a skirt over the body con dresses so I can actually wear them to work. I still had to wear a sweater when I left my cube but it worked. The necklace has a plate that says follow your heart, purple and white stone, and a bow & arrow. It's theme for Hawkeye/Kate Bishop. 

Spiked Vest: Forever 21 // Black Dress: Forever 21 // Patch from a shirt: Don't Blink Tees //  Star Locket : Sailormoon Usagi's Carillion Necklace* //

11/4/2014 - One of my favorite things I have ever made. Granted, the spikes were already on the vest but still. I'm sad the shirt didn't fit me but my idea came out nicely!

Red Shrug and Navy Blue shirt : Thrifted // Captain Marvel bow : Hand made by me // Rainbow Loom bracelet : Hand made by me

11/5/2014 - I was having a terrible week at work and I needed to channel my inner Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers. I made the bow originally for Carol Corps met up in Seattle during ECCC and the starburst loom bracelet was done in her colors. I kicked a lot of butt that day!

Bee jumper: We Love Fine // Pink Lace Dress: Forever 21 (no longer available) 

11/6/2014 - Bee and Puppycat day! The first two episodes premiered, which I talk about here, and I decided to wear one of her outfits from the original. Sadly, we can't wear shorts to the office but I did have a pink dress and just wore the jumper over it. I curled my hair but it went flat in 3.5 seconds.

Day of the Dead/Star Wars shirt: MisNopalesArt // Vest: thrifted // Skinny pants: thrifted // LEGO lightsaber earrings: hand made by me

Day of the Dead was on the second and on Thursday the new Star Wars film's title was released so I felt like Friday needed to be Star Wars day and me celebrating Day of the Dead very, very late. 

So here it is! One week worth of geeky outfits and one week of me attempting hair styles. I also decide to challenge myself with different hairstyles and not just a ponytail at the base of my hair. 

I have actually been feeling better that entire week. There really is something to getting up and dressed. Work has been a bit stressful but it didn't get to me as much as it has in the past. 

Are you taking part in Nerdvember and/or Put together project? Did you make it through the week? I love going through instagram and seeing all the great outfits and I want to go shopping. 

Have an amazing week!!!


  1. All cute outfits! Seeing everyones Put Together and Nerdvember posts have been so inspiring. :D

  2. So cute!! Love all the outfits - both Nerdvember and Put Together make for an even more excellent Instagram feed lately! :D

  3. Love the Han inspire outfit, and of course the Bee sweaters. It's been so cool seeing everyone's outfits so far.

  4. SUPER CUTE!! LOVE the black skirt and comic top! I need some new ideas!! Great job! xx

  5. I have enjoyed your outfit posts on Instagram so much. You are so adorable and i love all your rad t shirts. That Gremlin's jumper is gosh darn amazing.


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