Sunday, November 16, 2014

Nerdvember and Put together project! Week 2

Oh wow! I made it through week 2 of Nerdvember and Put Together Project. You can check out week 1 here!

You can learn about Nervember here and Put Together Project here.

How was your week 2?? I'm having so much fun going through my closet & putting things together. I actually purged & donated a bunch of stuff so my closet feels new again.

Is that weird?

X-men hoodie: Tokidoki x Marvel (N/A) // Blue Top: thrifted // Jeans: American Eagle (similar) // Spider-man necklace : 1928 Jewelry (N/A) //  Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, and Mary Jane flicker rign: ebay //

11/8 - Mistah J and I went to watch Big Hero 6 and I wore some Marvel items since it was based of their comic series. Tokidoki no longer releases Marvel clothing but Marvel has a "kawaii" line which you could find at JCPenny, Kohl's etc. I'm not a fan of Spider-man but the jewelry collection that 1928 released was really cool. I didn't like all of them but Spider-man and Captain America sets were my favorite. The flicker ring was released in the late 90s/early 200s & I picked one up on ebay a few months ago. 

Batman Jacket: Forever21 (N/A) (similar)* // Harley Quinn Shirt: Hot Topic // Harley Quinn bow: Hand made // Jeans: American Eagle (similar) //

11/9 - My local comic shop had a 50% trades sale and I ventured in on a mission. I also dressed for the part! I just love this jacket from Forever 21. They even had a Superman one but I missed out on it. This Harley shirt is one of my favorites and the bow I bought at Fanime a couple years ago. 

Apple Ring: Disney Couture // Ursula bow: Nerd Burger // Disney Princess necklace : Disney Store (N/A) // Skirt: Company D outlet // Tights: H&M // Pink sweater: Thrifted //

11/10 - I woke up having a Disney moment and this was the final product. I have loved the Disney Couture line and own a few pieces. That's where the apple ring came from but then Disney store had their own line which is where the Princess necklace came from. It has a brush, apple, genie lamp, and treasure chest charms. The skirt is from the Disney outlet and it has two Minnie mouse charms hanging from the belt. The Ursula bow was made by Cazz from Nerd Burger Jewelry. 

Blouse: Thrifted // Unicorn Sweater: Wet Seal (N/A) (similar)* // Skirt: Target (N/A) (similar)// Tights: H&M

11/11 - I finally tracked down a copy of Bob's Burger #1 and it was just as great at the TV series. In honor of Tina and her love of horses & unicorns, I wore my favorite sweater. I got it earlier in the year from Wet Seal. The skirt is from Target but I actually got it at Goodwill. (Target sells the overstock to Goodwill!)

Sweater: Target (N/A)  // Poison Ivy shirt: Tee Fury // Batgirl bow: Siren Loves You // Skinny Pants: Uniqlo (similar) //

11/12 - I discovered Artist Abe's work at Fanime and bought his wonderful Haunted Arkham Asylum print. When Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn part of the print popped up as shirts on Tee Fury, I grabbed them. The bow is of all the different Batgirl's that have been in the DC universe so far. Siren Loves You draws everything, gets the fabric, and makes things like bows. It was Arrow night & since DC/WB tv doesn't make anything Arrow, I went this route.

Ring: Handmade by me // Hello Kitty necklace: Gift but I guess Sanrio // Bad Batz Maru watch: McDonald's Happy Meal Toy // Sanrio scarf: Twinkie Chan // Leggings : Hot Topic

11/13 - I think this is my favorite outfit that I have put together. I love Sanrio and I needed some color that day. At first I felt like I was over doing it but towards the middle of the day, I just loved everything about it. Funny story: A old class mate of mine gave me the Hello Kitty necklace. It belong to his wife and she was getting rid of her Sanrio jewelry because she needed to be a grown up. He asked if I wanted it and said yes. I'm not sure how I felt about that statement but I still took the neckalce. 

Luna sweater: Visual You 

11/14 - Friday was storage day at work so I went simple with my favorite Sailor Moon sweater. It's Luna and in purple. I got it during one of the festivals at Japan town. It was little more then I wanted to spend but it was too cute. It has some lace on the shoulders. 

I am half way through and I am so shocked I managed to keep up with it. I can't wait for the next two weeks and see what I pull out of my closet!

Did you make it through the first two weeks? What was your favorite outfit? Did you just start both Nerdvember and/or Put Together Project? Are you going to keep going?


  1. Ahhh!!! I love that Luna sweater. So cute!

  2. I squealed when I saw you wear the hairbow I made. :) I loved all your outfits but my fave has to be the unicorn jumper. :)

  3. I'm surprised I haven't heard of either of those before! It looks like a ton of fun. I really need to take part in a Put Together Project especially during winter hah

    That Harley shirt is soooo awesome!! Sanrio is too cute. You can never be too old for it!! lol

  4. GREAT outfits! Love the Batgirl and Ursala bows!!!


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