October Favorites!

It's November. Can I cry? Two months til the new year. A month before my birthday. 5 weeks til the end of the semester. Christmas is already in full force. I want to hide. I'm not ready!

Ahem... here's my October Favorites!!

TV Shows & Movies:

From Dusk til Dawn the series - It finally hit Netflix (I don't have El Rey) and it was so good. They kept it just like the film but expanded it. The actors that played Seth and Richie did a great job. If you are a fan of the film, check the series out. I can't wait for season 2!

The Book of Life - This was a beautifully done film. The animation, the story, everything so so vibrant and fun. I just adored this telling of Day of the Dead. La Murete and Xibalba, rulers of The Land of the Remembered and The Land of the Forgotten were my favorite characters. Maria was a strong character and I love how they handled her story with Manolo and Joaquin. 

Nikita - I never watched it when it aired on the CW but it popped up on my feed so I watched it. I enjoyed the first season. Alex would annoy at me times and Brikoff was really funny. I'm loving him so far in the second season. If you like action series, I recommend it. 

Music on Repeat:

Circle the Drain - Katy Perry
Boom Clap - Charlie XCX
Funhouse - Pink
Cry - Rihanna


I bought them this month but didn't read them! Bah!


1. Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood. This is my second visit and it was THE MOST TERRIFYING TIME EVER!! Post about this trip coming soon!

2. DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE CAPTAIN MARVEL FILM????!!!  Marvel announced their phase three line up and Captain Marvel is apart of it!! I wrote my thought about the entire thing here. I am giddy for their phase three films and can't wait for Carol Danvers to be on the big screen.

3. My favorite baseball team, the San Francisco Giants went to the World Series and WON!! I had a fun time watching the game and yelling at my screen when I could. Haha.. I kept updated on the game while in class along with everyone else. It was a good series and they went all 7 games!! Royals played well but the Giants came out on top! 

4. Egg Nog is here!!! I'm in the rare bunch but I love egg nog. It's the greatest drink ever. No one around me seems to agree but it is!

5. Here's a picture of a Corgi dressed as Raph that popped up on my twitter feed courtesy of  Buzzfeed Animals.

Okay, I'm done whining about it being November. Bring it on!!


  1. Ok that Corgi as Raph is super adorable and I am sooo keen for Captain Marvel.

  2. I don't even read Captain Marvel and I am crazy stoked for the movie! Also, that corgi is killing me with its cuteness.

  3. I don't go to the movie theaters anymore but I really want to see The Book of Life! It looks amazing and I've only heard great things about it!!

  4. I can't believe you went to HNN!! My husband wants to take me to the one in Orlando and I'm just like ".........no." Not even a shiny new iMac could make me go...

    ...okay... I might reconsider if someone really was willing to give me an iMac lol


  5. Raph-Corgi is super cute!
    And I am in the middle of season 2 of Nikita! Maggie Q is all sorts of bad-a$$!


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