Friday, November 14, 2014

Smart Phone Apps I Cannot Live Without!

Friday, Friday!! It's 5 Fandom Friday!!

I have no clue.

Today's topic is about phones. That electronic rectangle thing that I use to connect with people through text, twitter, facebook, and probably never actually dial someone.

I have 450 anytime minutes and I think the most I used was 25 mins once. The only reason was because my Mother called me.

I use my phone for a lot of things, music, connecting, film, battling boredom but here are my five apps that I cannot live without... right now.

I have a Samsung Galaxy5 and the wallpaper I am using was a photo saved from tumblr. I don't have a artist name because I am terrible with that so if anyone knows, please let me know!

Now, on to the apps!

Twitter: I didn't really use it when I first opened my account but for the last year it has been my favorite app. I get to chat with friends, share my hobbies and ideas, retweet others ideas, get breaking news to things I enjoy, and see some great photos. Twitter is a fun ride! (@UsagiMylene)

Instagram: I love this app! People are so creative on there and I'm not taking about taking photos. I have gotten so many great craft ideas, bought so many things because someone shared it, keep in touch with my far away buddies, and of course, giveaways! I also use the photos on to my Project Life (scrapbook) album. I love the sizes that I can print using the square shape. (Usagi_Mylene if you wanna follow me!)

The Simpsons Tapped Out: I am way to obsessed with this game. I spend too much time on it, tapping my screen just to try to earn things for my town. I mainly play during events like they just finished their Halloween party. It's free but you can buy doughnuts to get characters, houses, and other things. I try not to spend money on it but my resolved is breaking. Let me know if you want add each other as friends in the game!

Amazon: I shop a lot on Amazon and I use it as a price guide. I used it recently to price a Harley Quinn action figure. It was cheaper at the toy store I was at and they normally over charge for everything. 

Spotify: I need my music. I can't go without. It keeps me sane at work and helps drown out people when I walk home, around campus, train station and I love using Spotify. I use to have Pandora but I found that they would play the same song at least 7 times in the time span of an hour. Spotify has a great mixture & I love making my own playlists. You just can't pick and you have a limited number of skips unless you pay for it.

All of these apps are free and avaliable in the Play store (android) or App store (Iphone).
I'm always on the look out for more deco/photo apps because I love to decorate my photos before posting them and I'm always wanting more games. If you have any recs, please let me know in the comments.

Now if you will excuse me, I will be checking out everyone's phone app posts so I may add more to my phone which will keep me from having actual phone conversations!

(I am a terrible phone/conversationalist person and texting is just so much easier for me.)


  1. LOVE Insta :) I also love my music! but didnt think to put that one on! Prob because I use my iPod for it and not my phone most of the time. I really like Soundcloud :) xx

  2. I love your iPhone wallpaper so much!!!

  3. That wallpaper is too cute! And I love Spotify so much, too! Such a great thing!

  4. Aaahhh I keep hearing about the Simpsons game! It looks like fun but I was trying to avoid getting sucked into another game hahah.

  5. If you're looking for photo apps you might look up Studio+ or Studio Design. Another good one is Fotor. :)

    Your wallpaper is adorable!


  6. I barely have minutes on my phone. I never call haha Texting, twitter and instagram forever!!

  7. Your wallpaper is amazing!! You should definitely add Line Camera for your photo decorating needs if you haven't! :)

  8. I love those apps too! And like Travis said Line has GREAT stickers!
    Also, I need that wallpaper!
    On a side note, ho do you like the S5?
    I want a Note 4, but if not, the S5 or the Note 3 are on my list!


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