Unearthed from the closet: F*ck This!

Warning: My shirt has the use of the F word on it. If that bothers you or your place of employment/school/what not may register the photo then I classify this as NSFW.

vegan leather jacket: Marshall // shirt: Katie Skelly X Seibei // shorts: Old Navy // Tights: Unknown // Boots: Sketchers //

I saw this shirt on Fashion Tips from Comic Strips tumblr and I needed to have it. In case I have not mentioned it, I curse a lot and there are days where I feel exactly like the girl on the shirt. 

I've been trying to add color to my outfits because I always go with black. The pink shorts were originaly for my Bee cosplay but I love the color so I decided to team it up with this outft.

I wore it to the flea market and I found some great toys which I will be sharing in another post soon. 

Also, I'll be joining Set to Stunning's #Nerdvember challenge and Mariko's #puttogetherproject.

#Nerdvember is a fun challenge for people to make up a geek outfit every day for the month.

Mariko is doing a challenge to put yourself together - an outfit and face. I'm not a make up person so I'm going to challenge myself to do different hairstyles. She's doing this in the hopes to raise money and bring awareness to mental health. Please click on her blog post which I linked above to read more about it. 

For the Put Together Project, I'll be donating $1 for every geeky /put together outfit I do, $2 if it's just an outfit with no geek theme, and $5 bucks if I just throw on my normal work pants and a hoodie which has been my go to outfit the last 2 months.  

Let me know if you join these challenges!


  1. I LOVE that t-shirt! And it looks amazing paired with those shorts and tights. I wish I could still get away with wearing tights where I live. Winter is definitely coming.

  2. I think I now need that shirt... It's AMAZING! :D

  3. I love your outfit. That shirt is so much fun. You look like a kawaii biker chick in your jacket and boots.

  4. You look so cute!!! And the shorts are so perfect! I might need to get that shirt!!!


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