Batman Black & White series: Harley Quinn

When DC announced they were releasing a Harley Quin for their Black and White series, I knew I needed it. What was even better was that Bruce Timm was designing it!


Now, it turns out that I had pre-ordered mine too late and I missed out on the first edition. That statue goes for a lot more on the second market. The difference between that one and mine - the second edition- is that mine is more gray then black and white. If you have a true black & white one, you have the first edition. I really didn't care which one I got as long as I got one.

It seems that they have been doing this line since 2008 but mainly focusing on Batman with a few Joker figures released randomly. 2014 was the first year they created a statue for someone besides Batman & Joker. 

She comes with a simple oval base with has the Batman symbol on it. She has posts on the bottom of her feet so in order to stand her you need the base. 

She even comes with a smoke trail which you can place into the barrel of the gun.  I thought it was a neat thing to add and because of the angle, the smoke trail is a separate piece that you attach. If you want the gun to smoke or not, it's up to you. It doesn't click into place so you need to be careful with it.

With figures like this, I don't keep the box. The box design was simple but I liked it. I just didn't have room for it and I want to show her off. I guess the second edition was numbered like the first but it was on the box and not on the stand of the figure so I have no clue which number I got. 

Her paint is pretty good. There are a few spots on the gun and her collar were a bit of paint gathered and dried but overall she's really nicely done. I paid about 80 at my local comic shop. I think she ranges between $69-$90.

I think she's my second favorite Harley Quinn item that I own. My favorite piece is my Pulip Harley Quinn which was released at NYCC.

Do you own one of these? What are your thoughts on it? Are you planning on getting one now? Do you own of the other figures in this line? Let me know your favorite!


  1. She's a beautiful figure! And I am in LOVE with the smoke! What a cute and fun detail!

  2. I have the first release and it is by far my fave Harley Quinn piece. So unique because of that black and white colour and I love the smoke from her gun.

  3. She's so pretty! I like the simplicity of the black and white! Harley is so much fun, and I always prefer this particular costume/incarnation of her!


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