Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Comic Variant Covers

I have a huge collection of single issues and too many comic boxes. I will put it out there... we had to get a storage unit to stash a lot of things including those comic boxes.

But I'm not here to talk about that.

I am here to talk about variant covers. Some of us love them. Some of us hate them. Some of us go crazy and need them all. I am not sure where I fall in this category.

I have  made peace that I won't be getting some of those variant covers. Some companies make the stores buy a ton of the main cover before they can order those extra ones. Comic shops then over price them, make you buy the main cover before you can even get the variant, or if they do just throw them on the shelf, by the time I get off work they are all gone.

I have gone to ebay to buy a few of them like the baby Deadpool by Skottie Young for Deadpool #1 by Duggan and Posehn and Moore. I paid ten bucks for a 3.99 issue but I just adore Skottie Young's art and got the issue signed by every one at ECCC 2012.

I have bought issues of comics I do not even read just because I love the covers. Dc Bombshell covers are the ones that come to mind though I missed out on Catwoman. The only DC series I am reading is Harley Quinn. I gave up on Catwoman & Batwoman, Batgirl is by trade, and Poison Ivy left Birds of Prey so I took that off my list.

I still need an issue of Catwoman and to figure out a way to display those covers. I know they ended up releasing posters but buying the issues all together was still cheaper then getting the posters.

Both Marvel and DC Comics have released LEGO video games and both publishing houses released covers of some of their characters as LEGOs. I have a huge fan I wanted some of the issues! If at least, the Hawkeye one. I heard that MARVEL made you order a bunch of the main cover before getting the variant cover. I didn't think I had a shot on getting Hawkeye, at least at a decent prince. My LCS did hook it up and sold me one. YES!!

DC just gave the shops an option to order their LEGO covers. I did pick up the Harley Quinn cover but Catwoman and Batgirl sold out on me. I wished they had done a Green Arrow one. (I have a thing for archers. Shhh.....)

(Photo Credit: DC Comics)

Where do you fall in the spectrum of variant covers? Do you care for them? Do you attempt to track any of them down? Do you have a favorite? Have you ever over just bought an issue just for the cover?

And in case you haven't heard, DC released the covers of their newest variant collection. They are making covers based on iconic movie posters! They used Jailhouse Rock, The Lost Boys, Bill and Ted's, and many more.

I really want the Teen Titans cover. The Lost Boys is one of my favorite films and that cover is amazing! Did you see the covers? Have any favorites? Are you going to try and get any?

Share your thoughts!


  1. I mainly only purchase the Skottie Young Baby Variants. I even had them on my pull list at one time (had to remove them though because $$) but if I see a variant for a comic/character I love, I might pick it up if the price is right!

  2. I'm all about the variants! Most of the time I wait for the trades to be released so I'll only buy single issues if it's something special. I collect a lot of the Skottie Young variants and I also bought a bunch of the DC Bombshells but I do try to restrain myself to getting only the characters/series that I like although I do have a few comics I have no idea about and bought purely for the fact the cover looks awesome XD I'm loving the movie variants and I'll definitely be getting a few of those xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  3. I love varients because it gives me a choice on the covers.
    For my picks, it's purely an aesthetics thing...and/or collectability (not a word lol).
    I have seen the lego covers, and I'll have to see if the Catwoman and Batgirls are at my shop (if I find them, I'll send them).

  4. Those bombshell covers are great, and I squee with joy every time I see a Skottie Young variant. I would buy a book of just his covers.

  5. The lego varients were so cute. And I loved the Aquaman Darwyn Cooke variant as well. I am very excited for the movie covers next year.


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