Deadpool says "Bang! Buy my stuff!" (A gift guide!)

Deadpool gift set!

Deadpool gift set! by usagimylene 

1. I have issues shirt // 2. Terry Robe // 3. Sideshow Sixth Scale // 4. Varsity Jacket // 5. Backpack // 6. Snapback Cap // 7. Silicone Tray //

We are a Deadpool household. It started with Mistah J and then he introduced me to the character that I have grown quite fondly of. The crazy Merc with a Mouth is one of my favorite characters of the Marvel Universe. Jubilee, Clint, and Kate round out that list. (Have you been reading Hakeye vs Deadpool?)

I wanted to get Mistah J involved with my blog more because he is a big part of my crazy adventure and I thought why not make a Deadpool gift guide!


1. Cute Baby Deadpool is cute and this shirt is awesome. Mistah J has a lot of issues and so does Deadpool so I had to get him this shirt and I think any comic fan would appreciate this one!

2. A terry robe that also looks like his outfit with face mask? Why not! As adults, we are allowed to have fun during bath time! 

3. I have become a great fan of Sideshow collectibles and this figure is amazing. It's tough to get him to like figures but when he saw it, he thought it was great and the photos showing it off were pretty funny! It is expensive but they offer a payment plan. Also, it's not out until October 2015. 

4. A Deadpool jacket is radical! I actually want one for myself. 

5. Everyone needs a backpack especially if you attends cons as much as Mistah J and I do. Easier on your back. Heck, if you are going to school to get your education, get a geeky backpack! 

6. MIstah J is more of a fitted cap person but this Kawaii Deadpool is adorable. I love that they can draw him looking cute and menacing. (I'm not sure how Deadpool would handle being called cute/adorable!)

7. Silicon tray! You can have Deadpool's head floating in your drink! Now if it starts speaking to you, put the drink down and walk away. (Pre order item - not out until next year!)

Are you a Deadpool fan? Know someone who is? I really hope I helped you with some ideas on what to get. There is also the Deadpool game for the PS3 and XBOX 360 which isn't amazing but the dialogue is funny as heck and all the Funko Pops figures. 

I'm really tempted to get myself that jacket!

Disclaimer: We own none of this stuff except for a bunch of Pop figures, I have Issues shirt, and the video game. Those items were bought with our own money.


  1. I have a mighty need for that varsity jacket...

  2. That varsity jacket is amazing! I love Deadpool, he's my favourite Marvel character :D

  3. I grew up in a Deadpool household as well! I think that bathrobe would be awesome for my brother! Or the I have issues shirt...for me! :D


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