Geeky Gifts for the Home!

Geeky Gifts for the Home!

Geeky Gifts for the Home! by usagimylene 

1. Rampage Board Game // 2. Princess Leia and Han Solo hand towels // 3. Lightsaber Candle Stick Holder // 4. TARDIS mug // 5. The Stuff DVD //6. Emmett Lego Clock //  

I attempted my very first Geeky Christmas gifts for the home post! I have one coming up of things I want but I wanted to try something like this!

1. Mistah J and I got to play Rampage while at ECCC this year and he had a blast with it. Anyone who loves Rampage and board games should own this. 

2. I just love Han Solo and Princess Leia. These I Love You / I Know hand towels are the cutest. 

3. Okay, candle light dinner with a lightsaber? Yes please!

4. Mistah J received a TARDIS mug for his birthday and I believe every Doctor Who fan needs one. He uses it for tea.

5. I'm all for giving movies for Christmas. The Stuff is one that needs to be in more homes. It's a film from the 80s and it's amazing! 

6. The Lego Movie was one of the biggest films this year and everyone still loves it. The Lego clocks are so cute and I think everyone needs an Emmett to wake them up. I have also seen Batman, Stormtroopers, The Joker, and many others.

I hope I gave you some really rad ideas for your friends and family! Here's to your Christmas shopping being stress free! 

What home items are you hoping for?


  1. I got a Tardis tea pot for xmas last year, so I think I need a mug to go with it! ;) Anything Doctor Who related is good for me!

  2. I adore the Star Wars hand towels! So excellent.

  3. We got the Lego Movie game for XBOne and it's so fun! And those Lightsaber candlesticks are not only great decor, but would be fun for a Star Wars themed game of Clue!

  4. Love those Star Wars towels! I need to get those for our bathroom :)



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