Friday, December 19, 2014

My Must See List of Christmas Movies!

(Let us ignore that these are not Christmas films!)

Two weeks ago I made my list of five Christmas songs and this weeks is my five must see Christmas movies!

Songs, I have a hate relationship with because of my retail years but Christmas movies, oh I love Christmas movies.

My tastes though, might be a little different. Let us start!


(Credit: Warner Bros)

Gremlins*, Gremlins, Gremlins, how do I love you! This is the second film I remember watching and I love the idea of Christmas just going to heck. Gizmo is adorable, Stripe is a little terror, and Kate's speech about her Father / No Santa is the best speech in film history. Best Holiday film ever!

Die Hard

(Credit: 20th Century Fox)

Action Christmas film? Yes please!! Who doesn't like guns, running, kicking, and some good quips! Die Hard* has it all. I do and this film has it all. Die Hard with a Vengeance is another favorite of mine of this series. It has nothing to do with Christmas but I wanted to mention it.

Nightmare before Christmas

(Credit: Touchstone Pictures)

Is it a Halloween movie? Is it a Christmas movie? Who knows but I LOVE IT. I didn't add it to my Halloween list so I am including it here. The clay animation is just so ahead of it's time when it was made, the scenery is gorgeous, and I love the music. I love that it is a story about both of my favorite holiday's. Nightmare before Christmas* is just amazing. 

Batman Returns

(Credit: Warner Bros)

I have a special place in my heart for Batman and Batman Returns* but Returns is my absolute favorite. You have Catwoman, Penguin, Max Shreck (love Christopher Walken) and of course Batman himself. I love that Gotham is so dark & gritty and even with the Christmas lights/decorations it does not light up the city. 

Love Actually

(Credit: Universal)

Romance movies are my guilty pleasure and I am a sucker for Love Actually*. I love the small contain stories but all the characters inter wind and connect with each other some how. It's such a cute film. David/Natalie & the Father/Son are my favorite out of the mini stories in the film. Now that I have been to London during the holidays, this film helps with my sadness of not being in London. (I want to go back.)

And here is my list of Christmas films. I will note that last year L finally got me to watch Jingle all the way and I thought it was a cute kid film. I did find myself enjoying it. So take that as a bonus!

What are your must see films? What did you think of my list?

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  1. Woohoo for more Gremlins love! And it didn't even dawn on me that Batman Returns was at Christmas time!

  2. Excellent list! Yes to Gremlins, Die Hard, and Nightmare! Double yes to Batman Returns! I always forget that one takes place over Christmas. Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman is the best.

  3. Gremlins is so weird and dark, but I love that it is celebrated as a Christmas movie

  4. Dude! I love your list!
    (seriously, this is 80% of my post)!

    1. While not in my original must sees, I have to say this is in my "Debatable Must-Sees" list (see movies that I still watch every year, anyway!).

  5. LOVE ACTUALLY should have been a bonus on my list! It is the only Christmas movie I've watched so far this year! xx

  6. Love the variety. Die Hard is a classic!

  7. Yes! Hahah I love that we both have Batman on our lists :)

  8. love batman returns & gremlins & die hard... I basically should have had a top ten and included your list :)

  9. Totally forgot about Love Actually being a Christmas movie. I am going to add it to next years list.


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