Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Nerdvember and Put Together Project Week 4!

I made it!! I participated the entire month of #Nerdvember and Put Together Project. It was such a fun time! I got see a lot of amazing outfits, got to interact with new folks, and I really felt good about myself all month. I really tried to link to the outfits but a lot of my stuff is no longer for sale! Bah, I really tried! Haha...

And here we go! My final week!

Marvel Sweater: Forever21 (N/A) // Jeans: American Eagle //

11/22 - I wore my amazing Marvel sweater to met Brian K. Vaughan! Everyone was loving it and it kept me warm during this cold weekend. Sadly, it doesn't seem to be in stores anymore. 

Alice in Wonderland shirt: Disney Store // Jeans: American Eagle // Alice necklace: Gift //

11/23 - I went to the Charles Dickens Fair on Sunday and ate a lot of food. It's a really fun festival with shows, dancing, food, and hand made items. If you are in SF during the holidays, you should check it out.

Harley & Joker necklace: Handmade // Black dress: Thrifted but H&M // Batman leggings: Romwe (N/A) // Hat: Bought at Dickens fair // Badge: thrift shop //

11/24 - My new hat has an adorable bow on it and it was turning into a crappy day so the badge was added since I couldn't say the words out loud. I got the leggings during the summer so they are now out of stock but they are my favorite. They mostly feature Bane. The necklace is a photo of Joker and Harley put onto a scrabble tile and covered with an epoxy sticker. 

Batman Ring and Bat Sweater: Forever21 (N/A) // Meow crop top: H&M // Beige skinny pant: Levi's //

11/25 - I don't read Batman but I own a lot of stuff. I'm a Gotham City Sirens girl but they only make Batman stuff so I grab it and sometimes pretend it's Batigirl items. It was rainy and cold so I bundled up but add my Catwoman underneath it! 

Bambi sweater : Wet Seal // Beige pants: Levi's //

11/26 - It was  a half day at work so I showed up in this awesome Bambi and Thumper sweater. I found it on the sale rack at Wet Seal and scooped it right up. It's not my favorite Disney movie but I do love the characters!

Side of the Angels shirt: Jordandene // Purple hoodie: Forever21 // Jeans: American Eagle //

11/27 - Happy Thanksgiving! Jordan hooked me up with this awesome shirt and everyone loved it. It was so comfy and nice! 

Labyrinth shirt : Tee Fury

11/28 - It was Black Friday and I only left the house to try and get the insane Guardians of the Galaxy tape. It didn't happen so we came home and put up our tree. This is my favorite shirt ever but I grabbed it on Tee Fury which is a "one day, one shirt" site.

Rainbow Dash hood: Hot Topic

11/29 - After yesterday's fiasco we stayed inside. It was also raining and Mistah J was also working a crazy shift at the Disney Store. L and I both own Rainbow Dash hoods but they are different. It seem Hot Topic comes out with a new design every year. Mine is about 2 years old and her's is this season.

Dice necklace: handmade // Robocop watch: ebay // Jean Vest; Thrifted // Blue Dress: Thrifted//

11/30 - Today was the last day of  #Nerdvember and #PutTogetherProject that I just through on stuff! I made the dice necklace from a a dice I got at PAX. My friend helped me with the wire work. The Robocop was bought on ebay and it's my favorite thing ever. The vest and dress were both found at Goodwill and were the first thing in my closet I grabbed.

So that's it! I made it! I am so proud of myself and like I mentioned, it made me feel really good to dress up all month. 

Now for the Put Together Project I challenged myself that for every day I dressed up I would donate a dollar to charity. If I missed a day it would be $5. I got through all 30 days so that's $30 dollars. I also said I would not just through on a hoodie and roll out the door but there was a week where I only wore a geek sweater and ran so I'm going to donate $50 dollars total to a local Mental Health Organization. Thanks Mariko for this awesome idea. 

I hope you had fun and thanks for all the support and comments on my outfits. It was great reading that you guys liked them. Another reason I did this is because sometimes, I am self conscious about my outfits and this helped me get passed that.

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  1. You did an awesome job and I love that Marvel sweater!

  2. Omg you are just too cute.. I love all of your outfits!! You have the best clothes and accessories T.T

    It must feel amazing to complete something like that. I can't imagine myself doing that yet.. so lazy! lol

  3. You look so cute in all you outfits, I love your Alice in Wonderland shirt :)


  4. LUV that denim jacket! Super cool! Congrats on completing it!! xx

  5. I loved all your outfits! So inspiring!!!

  6. Congrats on making it through the whole month! I love that Marvel sweater.



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