New Years Blogging Resolutions

Guys!!! It's almost the end of the year! Where did 2014 go?? It went by fast but it was such an amazing year.

Thanks in part to you guys! 

Today's post is the last of the 5 Fandom Fridays of 2014! Don't worry, The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick have created topics for January!!

With the new year comes resolutions. We all make a list, try to stick to them but most of us throw them out by the second week of January...

or maybe that's all me.

Today I present you with today's topic - my five New Years Blogging Resolutions!

1. Make some videos!

There are so many things that I want to share with you all and I feel like it would be better on video. Like my Batman the Animated series records from Mondo or unboxing my lootcrates. I actually have been saving my Cards Against Humanity Ten Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa cards to make a video to show them off. I've been keeping myself spoiler free. I just need to get over that fear of internet trolls and making a possible fool of myself. That and I need an editing program. 

I also want to stream my gaming on twitch but I want to team up with Mistah J! I want to get him involved more.

2. Stop being lazy about editing photos.

I have about 8 blog posts in drafts right now without pictures. I hate editing and when I force myself to do it, I just throw my hands up and hide under my covers. I still need to share my spring Kraken Con photos, Disneyland Paris trip, heck - London and Paris trip in general,  Halloween Horror Nights, My first trip for 24 Hours Disneyland, and I don't know what else. This is something I need to work hard on!

3. Get out there and chat!

By getting out there I mean, finding more blogs and commenting, collaborating with other bloggers, going to meet ups, things like that. Going to the FGB meet up at SDCC this year was a push in that direction! I am talkative on social media but when I met people face to face I kinda shy away (unless I really know you!) I really need to work on that. The Bay Area is gonna have a Geek Girl Brunch group next year or at least I have seen it mentioned around twitter - so that's another start to getting myself out there!

4. Promote!

It was one of the things I mentioned in my Confessions of a Blogger post that I hated to do but I actually have started to work on it. I connected my bloglovin to twitter so when posts go live, a tweet will be sent out. I also send out another tweet describing more about it. I just don't tweet for the afternoon/evening crowd. I also am linking/tweet other bloggers posts! I can't just promote myself!

5. Keeping a schedule!

I started a notebook with post it notes, ideas, dates, stuff earlier in the year and it worked out so well but for some reason I just stopped using my notebook. I need to get back to using it again and scheduling myself to make posts early enough. I don't wan to be up at 11pm working on my blog post like I am doing right now.

So these are my resolutions for my blog. I went with simple so I don't overwhelm myself because I do have a tendecy to take on more then I can chew. I'm having fun blogging, meeting new friends, and having crazy adventures. I went to keep it that way.

2014 was a year full of those adventures and I can't wait for 2015. Let's all welcome it with a bang!!

Now to run off and see what other folks wrote for theirs! You can link up over at Kristin's post or check out Female Geek Bloggers on Google +!


  1. I think a lot of us can relate to your list! Good luck on getting those photos done!

  2. Geek Girl Brunch is coming to Bay Area?! I'm totally down for that! How exciting :D

    1. Gwen from The Geeky Squib was talking about putting one together. I'm hoping it goes through. I think she was looking for officers!

  3. I get frustrated with editing photos as well. When there is a lot it can get overwhelming. I go through and find my very favorites and edit from there. Good luck! xx

    1. Thanks for that tip! Sometimes the simplest ideas can really help!

  4. Oh man! I hate photo editing too! So not fun! Good luck this next year!

  5. Great blogging resolutions! I also hate doing design/photo editing, been trying to read up on how to do all of that craziness better.


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