Thursday, December 4, 2014

November Favorites!

It is now December. I can't believe 2014 is almost over. How is your holiday shopping so far? Did you finish it over Black Friday or do you still have some items to get?

I thankfully, I don't have anymore shopping to do. That is a load off my back. I have a tendency to see something for someone and grabbing it before hand. I've sitting on stuff since October.

Good luck if you have some shopping left! And without further ado, my November favorites!

Movies & TV Shows:

Big Hero 6 - This movie was so much fun and I cried. I'm talking notebook tears crying. The characters were all great, Baymax is adorable, and the way they all came together to fight Kabuki.

The Flash - Lately, I've been listing shows that I've been watching on Netflix but I am so enjoying The Flash. These characters are really well written, the story lines have been pretty good and as much as I am loving Arrow, I love that The Flash has a lighter tone. I'm a WestAllen shipper! Haha!

Bee and Puppycat - It premiered this month and they released the first two eps. It was amazing. I just love this (short) series and I can't wait for the rest to be released. Bee is just adorable and Puppycat is so grumpy towards Bee but you know deep down Puppycat loves her. I backed the kickstarter so at the end of it I will be getting a blu ray of the series.

HOURS - It popped up on netflix and I finally watched it. Paul Walker stars in the film and plays a father who is trying to keep his new born alive in a hospital during the after math of Katrina. It was a really good film. If you want some emotional drama, watch this film.

Music on Repeat:

Immortals - Fall Out Boy (Big Hero 6)
Drunk on Love - Rihanna
Cherry Bomb - The Runaways
My December - Linkin Park


1. Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack was released on cassette and I couldn't find one in San Francisco. I am now a woman on a mission to find one.

2. I rocked the heck out of #Nerdvember and #PutTogetherProject. I had such a blast.

3. Star Wars The Force Awakens teaser trailer was released. It didn't wow me like the rest of the world but I was so happy to see the Millennium Falcon!!!


5. Super Mario Bros theme got pressed onto vinyl and I ordered one. I missed out on the orange one so I'll be getting regular black but either way, I can't wait.

Let's rock of the hell out of December!!


  1. I love The Flash for the same reasons.. I was so into Arrow when I first started watching it but sometimes it just gets super intense. The lighter tone in The Flash is a nice change though I'm sure it'll eventually get crazy haha. Plus the crossover.. yessss!!!

  2. LOVE Runaways (both the comic, and, the band lol)!!!
    These are some great picks from last month!
    I couldn't get the cassette either. If I find any I'll get two!

  3. I so want to see Big Hero 6! I started watching The Flash but it felt like I didn't have as much of an appreciation for it as most because I've never seen Arrow.

  4. You sure did rock out Nerdvember. So many rad outfits. I am loving hte new Bee and Puppycat as well.


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