Unearthed from my closet: Yahtzee!

Mistah J and I went to a friend's house for our annual Wenchmas dinner, I decided to channel some Harley Quinn. Before we headed over I sneaked up to the roof of my building and took some photos!

1. Harley Quinn tank dress: Hot Topic (similar here*) // 2. Black mini shrug: Thrifted (similar here*) // Sweater tights: H&M // Boots: Ross // (Not Pictured) Harley Quinn earring: Scrawny Girl

I picked up the Harley Quinn tank dress on sale at Hot Topic but I've only worn it when I'm out in warmer climates. It's hardly ever warm for too long in San Francisco, at least for me. I get cold very easily. I found the mini shrug and thought it would look good together! I loved the outcome!

I also wore my Harley Quinn earrings from Scrawny Girl! Her art is too cute and I adore them so much! I'm usually sensitive to non sterling silver/14K gold earrings but the post she used didn't bother me at all!

The boots I picked up at Ross, never had up any over knee boots. Would you consider these over knees when they stop at my knees? Most of my other pairs stop right below.

I really love this outfit and I am so glad it worked out.

I'm off to the airport today! I'm flying to Phoenix to visit the parental unit for Christmas. Four wonderful days off! I can't wait! What are your plans for Christmas?

Happy Holidays!!


  1. You look gorgeous, I'm loving this outfit so much! Have an awesome Christmas xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  2. DUDE! You look stunning. That outfit suits you so much. Love it.

  3. YES! You look adorable, and, I love that you went to the roof for photos! So much fun!


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