Friday, January 16, 2015

Conventions I've Been To Or Wish To Attend

A new year and that means more conventions to attend! I love attending conventions and this year I want to add more to list. So instead of listing the ones I have been to which you can read about here, I'm going to list the ones I wish to attend!

My friend lives in Denver and has been to this con. He always has a good time and the guest list is always amazing. Also, their 3 day passes are really reasonable! Only $65! I have been to Denver once and enjoyed it. I would like to go back and visit and attend their comic con!

2. Dragon Con

This con looks like it's so much fun! A lot of my friends went and seeing their posts/photos made me determine to get out there. This year they announced both John Borrowman and Stephen Amell. I wonder if I can make a trip....

3. Phoenix Comic Con

This one is more because it's in the city where my mother lives and well, no need to spend money on a hotel! I've read some really great things about Phoenix Comic Con so I do want to check it out.

4. New York Comic Con

This is kind of a holy grail for a lot of reasons. Both Mistah J and I want to visit New York City in general and we really want to check out this convention. It's huge like SDCC but I've heard even better things about NYCC actually. I know it's crazy now and it sells out quick but we will get to NYCC one day. I've heard about Special Edition NYC so maybe we may check that one out instead!

5. Anime Expo

I've been to Anime Expo once ( I was in a skit which you watch here!) I've been wanting to go back but they moved from Anaheim to Los Angeles and it was always during 4th of July weekend so getting an extra day off from work was always tough because who wouldn't want a long weekend! I wanted to go last year because they were having a Sailor Moon 20th anniversary celebration but it didn't work out. I'll be there again.

Bonus: I really want to attend an international convention. Maybe Supanova or London Comic Con!

Have you guys been to these conventions? Enjoyed them? Are these on your lists?

Have a good weekend!!


  1. I want to attend an international convention as well! Hopefully it'll happen one day!

  2. Trying to hit up Denver CC this year...maybe I'll see you there!! xx

  3. I really want to visit the US for a convention, you guys have the biggest cons, and so many too!

  4. I *might* be visiting Anime Expo this year as my SDCC buddy mentioned that she wanted to go to it, it was one of the first conventions I heard about to so if we go that would be pretty cool although I don't watch nearly enough anime as I used to. You should totally come visit a UK con we have so many of them now they're not nearly as big as the US ones but they are sooo much fun xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  5. Great list - I'm hoping to attend a few of these myself!

  6. These all sound great! Ahh NYC is a dream no matter what ;)

  7. Anime Expo is STILL on my dream list! I've always wanted to go!

  8. Most of these are on my wishlist as well! I'd love to make it back out to Dragon Con one day. So much fun!


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