Experience Just the Tips with Chip Zdarsky!

(Credit: Image Comics)

During Image Expo, Chip Zdarsky announced that he would be doing a signing at Good Vibrations in San Francisco. In case you don't know about Good Vibrations - it is an adult store. 

Because of the nature of the location, I am labeling these photos Not Safe for Work and putting them behind a cut. It is my blog and these things don't bother me but I want to be respectful of my readers who don't care to see a d!ldo or may be poking around my blog at work/non personal computer.

This shinding started at 6pm. Jaime and I got in a little bit after to Chip Zdarsky reading a erotic story. I truthfully have no idea what he was reading but it was entertaining. He also read from the book "Just the tips" which was written by him and Matt Fraction. 

After the reading he started signing items so we both got in line and waited. People were talking photos with him and I was cracking up at some of the poses. There is a line of Super Hero dildos and one of them is designed to look like Thor's hammer. He took a lot of photos with it. 

It was finally our turn and I asked him to sign my copy of the book. 

Mistah J asked him for a drawing of Gary the Duck on his Image Expo badge. He was happy too oblige. 

And then we asked for photos...

I think this needs to become my next phone wall paper!

And that was that!! We had a great time! Chip Zdarsky is always a riot. I know whatever he does, it will be a great time. 

Have you met Mr. Zdarsky? I would love to hear your stories because I bet they are good. Let me know about it the comments below or if you blogged about, leave a link!!



  1. I was able to meet Chip and Fraction at NYCC and it was magical. It was quick because it was right after a panel but amazing still!

  2. To be perfectly honest I have no idea what's going on here, but it sounds like you had a great time and I love the photos! Everyone looks so happy and excited! Hahahah

  3. THIS IS AWESOME!!! I can't believe he did a signing at an adult store. What a champion. I am super jealous you got to meet him.


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