Favorite Fandom Accessories I Own

Accessories are my weakness and when I saw this was one of this months topic I got really excited and then I had a mini - "what do I showcase?" crisis.

I realized that I have many of those when it comes to narrowing it down to five things because I just love so many things.

Anyways, here is some of my favorite accessories that I own!

1. Captain Marvel Hairbow!

I love hair bows and my entire collection is filled with hand made ones either by me or other creative people. I made this Captain Marvel theme one to wear during the Carol Corps Celebration last year in Seattle. It was a lot of fun to make.

2. Bucky x Natasha necklace

I absolutely love necklaces.I own way too many that they are taking over. I saved a bunch of Winter Solider comics from the dollar bin and after digging around in my charm box, this necklace was born. It's one of my favorites.

3. Captain Marvel/ Ms. Marvel earrings

I just started getting into making earrings and these are my favorite to date. I love wearing them. The Captain Marvel/ Ms. Marvel acrylic charms (created by tehnakki) were handed out during the Carol Corps panel at ECCC last year. Jaime gave me his and I created these earrings.

4. Avengers Dooney & Burke purse

I love purses but fandom purse are few and far between. When you do find some, they are the best and will break like my Sailor Moon hobo bag. Three day in and it snapped. Anyways, Disney held their first Avengers Marathon and they teamed up with D&B to make a line of purses. You could only buy them if you were registered to run that weekend. Luckily, they had left over and put them for sale in the park. I just love it and I really want more well made fandom purses.

5. Robocop Watch

I am a sucker for novelty watches and it's a tied between my Robocop and Gizmo watch. I have a basket full of these kinds of watches. They don't work at all and I mainly wear them to show off the cover or what not. I also have a Queen Alien watch - her tail is the band, and a Darkwing Duck. I actually found the face cover of the Stay Puft marshmallow man at a thrift store. It had no band. Debating if I want to turn it into a ring or necklace.

This was a fun post. Typing up the stuff the like is making me want to either create or search for more! If you want to check out some items I've made, click here and I may make visit to ebay soon more watches.

Now if you will excuse me, time to look at more fandom accessories!

Happy Friday!


  1. That's it. You officially have the BEST accessories ever! Love hairbows! And your earrings are so freaking cute!! nice job :)

  2. Loving that bag, that necklace though <3333 also that watch is pretty damn awesome I used to have all sorts of kitschy cool watches when I was a kid xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  3. That hair bow! That Bucky/Natasha necklace! THE PURSE!

  4. What a GORGEOUSLY colorful purse! I love it! xx

  5. I was going to put my purse, but wasn't sure how to narrow down my accessories (I still put 6). I might need to do a Fandom Bags! I love our matching purses! ;)

  6. I love that you make so many of your accessories - and they're so cute! Way to go craftiness! :) Also, that Avengers purse is ADORABLE. I love simple designs and icons.

  7. And your store is where?? I love your items, you have a great list.

  8. I love your style so much and that Robocop watch is flipping amazing.

  9. I love that you made several of your items! You're very talented.


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