Image Expo 2015

Image Comics had their expo on Thursday in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. It's their third year putting something like this together and my first actually being able to attend the entire day.

It was fun and the announcements were amazing. You probably have already read from other sites all the news so I'm just going to mention my favorites that were announced during the keynote.

Monstress by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda. If you want a taste of their work, pick up X-23!

In MONSTRESS, readers are transported into the early 1900s, where immense Leviathans roam the Earth, wielding unimaginable powers that many have long desired to exploit. When a teenage girl with a mysterious past forms a tenuous psychic bond with the most dangerous of all the Leviathans, she becomes the target of both human and otherworldly authorities who will stop at nothing to possess her—to control her, and control the Lord of the all the Leviathans. What they don’t count on is the courage of the girl herself—and the fact that she is slowly becoming more than human... 

Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang. I know nothing of Cliff Chiang but the art they showed for the new series sold me and Brian K. Vaughan is writing it so how can I say nope!

PAPER GIRLS is the story of four 12-year-old newspaper delivery girls who experience something extraordinary one day...

Phonogram by Kieron Gillen and Jaime McKelvie. I was introduced to these two by reading Young Avengers and I have heard nothing but good things for The Wicked + The Divine. I didn't know about Phonogram until they announced this new story arc and that 80s cover sold me. These guys can just take my money!

Emily Aster’s the hyper-acerbic cover-queen whose one liners are sharper than her fringe; she's been the one people love and love to quote. In this new chapter of the PHONOGRAM series, readers discover how she got that way, and where it got her. She sold half her personality for power. This is what happens when that faustian deal catches up with her, and what that half her personality has been doing all these years.

I hate Fairyland by Skottie Young and Jean-Francois. Skottie Young sold this series as "What happens if you are in your 30s and stuck in Fairyland?" Sign.Me.Up.

Gertrude, a snarky, slightly deranged 40-year-old with a battle axe who happens to be trapped in a Shirley Temple-esque body and confined to the technicolor funworld that is Fairyland. I HATE FAIRYLAND is an all-new series full of morbid, dark humor and snark—perfect for fans of Invader Zim and Fight Club.

These four series and super, uber, excited for! I also want to check out Plutona by Jeff Lemire and Emi Lennox, No Mercy by Alex de Campi and Carla Speed McNeil & Jenn Manley Lee, and Island & 8House with Emma Rios and Brandon Graham and Run Love Kill by Eric Canete and Jon Tsuei.

Also, Pretty Deadly will be back with a second arc! I'm in the middle of reading the first trade and I'm enjoying it so much! Gah, the art is amazing!

I want to mention that crazy human known as Chip Zdarsky (criminals) stole the show during the keynote to talk about Howard the Duck and some little title called Kaptara!

After the key note/announcements there was a break before the programming and signings started. Mistah J went to their Construction panel with Chips Zdarsky, Emma Rios, Jonathan Tsuei, and Cliff Chiang. (There was one other person but I don't have their name.) They spoke about creating and bringing things into existence onto the blank page. He said the panel was really good and he loved how Emma Rios spoke about fencing and she used her knowledge/teacher to make sure she draws the sword fights in Pretty Deadly correctly.

I missed that panel because I stood in line to get Jeff Lemire autograph on my Green Arrow comic and Marjorie Liu's signature on the Monstress poster she had. (See above!) It's so pretty!

After I was finished, we headed off for some food and came back to check out the Style panel with Emi Lenox, Eric Canete, Kieron Gillen, Jaime McKelvie, and Skottie Young. Emi Lennox spoke about learning to draw by copying - Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, and Snoopy. She mentioned Snoppy a while. Skottie Young spoke about ripping off Sam Kieth when drawing grass. (I'm doing this by scribbled notes which are terrible a whole 24 hours later!)

That ended up being the only panel I saw because once it was over, I had to get inline for the 5pm signing. Kelly Sue DeConnick, Emma Rios, Nick Dragotta, Kieron Gillen, and Scott Snyder were signing. I got in line at 4pm and missed the Storytelling panel. Mistah J was there and I think that was his favorite because three of his favorite writers were there - Kelly Sue, Marjorie Liu, and Scott Snyder.

Mistah J said that Marjorie Liu gave a great speech about truth and I wished I was there for that. She even spoke about Jubilee and Laura (X-23) and I really wish I was there for that. He said that Kelly Sue spoke about "Sparkle Finger Wooing." - I don't know but it sounds awesome!

After that panel was done, he ran over to met me in line for the signing and that one was such a mad house. It was already 530 and we hadn't moved. The line for Kieron Gillen died down and I was able to get my Young Avengers #1 signed! And Jaime McKelvie was there too. He wasn't on the autograph list so I was excited to get this issue singed. Afterwards, I was able to get in line for Kelly Sue and Emma Rios. They signed my issue of Pretty Deadly 5, I got my Planet Image Expo variant signed, Mistah J got his furry creature Captain Marvel variant covered signed and one still knows if she is a cat or a fox. I asked Emma Rios to sign my tote bag.

By the time we were done, the line for Scott Snyder was so bad there was no way we could get through before the show ended at 6pm. Also, I didn't get any pictures with my favorite creators. Especially with Emma Rios since she makes rare US appearances. Oh well. I didn't want to hold up the line and there was limited time.

Oh and shout out to the amazing person who handed me a I Hate Fairyland poster signed by Skottie Young. I was telling Mistah J that he had a poster during his signing but I would of run the risk of not meeting Emma Rios so oh well and the guy next to me in line handed me his poster saying I could have it. Major karma points for you! That was so nice!

I had a great time at Image Expo. I got so many signatures and got to chat briefly with these amazing creators. I can't wait for these new series to be released. Image can just have all my money!

What was your favorite announcement? What series are you looking forward to?


  1. I am SO JEALOUS that you were able to attend!

  2. This looks like an AMAZING TIME!!!!

  3. Oh my gosh!!!! What a magical day. So many of my fave creators all in one place. So awesome. I am soo keen for the Emi Lennox/Jeff Lemire team up! :)

  4. Awesome, awesome stuff! Monstress sounds like something I will need to pick up.

  5. I need to keep up to date on these things. It's so close to meeee ahhhh..

    Monstress sounds so amazing.

    I love to hear others go on about learning to draw by copying especially when you grow up hearing you aren't supposed to.

  6. This is so cool! Image has put out some of my favorite comics this year, so I'm super jealous that you got to attend! Monstress sounds like a fun potential read.


  7. So amazing you got to attend! I got too excited over too many things to just include one, haha!


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