Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's a very Merry Birthday and a Geeky Christmas!

Did you know that if you are logged into your Google account, that their search page has a nifty birthday art for you? I didn't know that until this year! That was so cool of them!

Anyways, My birthday was in December which is also the month of Christmas. My Birthday also is a week (give or take) after Thanksgiving.

 I will say that I got two aunts who have birthdays in December - one on the 23rd and the other one on the 25th so my 2nd is not too bad.

How did I celebrate my Birthday? With a 5 page paper and class that day! Yup, I had to work and go to my Creative Arts class on my actual birthday but Mistah J & L surprised me with a Sailor Saturn S.H. Figuarts figure!

On Thursday, the bestie and I went to a wine/food bar where we hung out, chatted, ate, and drank. She got me the Sprite purse from Think Geek! Aw yeeessss!

Later that week, Mistah J and 2 other friends took me to this amazing place called Straw. It's a carnival theme restaurant. It was so cute and the food was delicious! I had mini corn dogs, their famous Donut Burger. There was bacon, ground chuck burger, cheeses, and of course glazed doughnuts holding it all together. I also got an order of fried candy bars and a cotton candy cocktail. There was a piece of cotton candy in the cup and they poured my drink into it. I was on a such a sugar high afterwards!

My friends gave me a gift card to Ikea. I'm looking to put together a new set up for my TV/video game systems/collectibles. I am such an adult!

A weekish later, a couple more people gave me gifts. A friend sent me Usagi's umbrella from the open credits of Sailor Moon Crystal. Funny story, I was catching up and I asked Mistah J how hard would it be to draw the bunnies and get them to actually stay on. The next day the umbrella arrived!
The bestie's boyfriend gave me the Harley Quinn candle he picked up at APE Expo! So cool!

Now for Christmas!

We had our annual Wenchmas dinner. The story behind that was that we all met working at a pen shop at a local mall. One of us started calling the group pen wenches. We actually become really good friends and every Christmas we would have a secret Santa and get together at a restaurant or someone's house. Even after the store closed and we all went our separate careers, we are still really good friends and keep on with this tradition. We drop the pen from the group name and just call ourselves wenches.

We met up at a friends house and celebrated. My secret Santa actually forgot who she got and went last. In the end it was me, which worked out because she bought an Amazon gift card and you can't go wrong with an amazon gift card! Now what to buy...

For actual Christmas day I went to visit my parental unit who lives in a whole other state. She moved to Arizona. I was there from Christmas Eve until Saturday. I ate a lot of food, saw a bunch of family members and I got a laptop from her and her husband.


Merry Christmas everyone!!

While I was away, Mistah J went to pick up L from her other parental unit and we celebrated our mini Christmas on the 27th. Mistah J gave me River Song's journal! The sucker is heavy and the cover is so soft. It even has that new book smell.

Earlier in the month a Christmas gift from Travis arrived and on Christmas Eve, a birthday gift from Mariko popped up!

I got these rad doughnut glasses from Travis and Mariko gave me a cool notebook, an amazing hair bow with a pin from Cards against Humanity and other cute things. Gah! Thanks guys!!

It was an amazing Birthday/Christmas month.

How was your Christmas? Got some rad stuff? Did you have a big gathering or just something small?



  1. It looks like you had a great birthday and Christmas!

  2. Looks like an excellent birthday and holiday! I love the Sailor Moon umbrella....amazing!!!

  3. I am so glad you had a wonderful December.Your birthday looks so special and that donut burger is crazy.

  4. Happy Birthday & Christmas! (belated), and Happy New Year!!!


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