Look Human: Moon Princess and Oliver Queen!

Look Human clothing has been on my radar for quite some time thanks to friends but I never bought anything till now. They were having a sale and I jumped at the chance to get something.

I was having a hard time deciding between 4 raglans and I ended up buying two. 

They arrived the day before Christmas Eve and I had to wear them while visiting family. I will say my Mother was not thrilled with the Moon Princess top. Haha..

I wore the Moon Princess of Christmas Day and tried doing my hair like Usagi. It sort of worked. It was really messy but I liked it. 

The next day I wore the Oliver Queen top and just sat on the couch, watching movies.

When they arrived, they had the printer smell. It was stated that they make them and then shipped the items to you from the printers. I should of let the raglans air out but I just threw them into my suitcase and I left the next day. When I opened the suitcase, you could smell the shirts but once you let it air out and wash them, it was fine. 

They are so comfy. Definitely not meant for cold weather, hello Phoenix and your 40 degrees but they do offer sweater options. I'm wearing a medium in both raglans and they fit really well. I could live in these forever.

They have shirts, tanks, racerbacks, hoods, sweaters for your wearing needs and they also have accessories like cell phone covers, tote bags, blankets, etc. 

Side note: I really want the Sailor Moon blanket! It's just like the ones she has in the anime. Gimmie!

I loved both these tops and I'm totally going to order more items from them. You know, as soon as my checking account gets better. It took a hit during the holiday!

Have you bought from Look Human? What's your favorite top? Favorite item? 

Disclaimer: As stated above, I bought these items with my own money. My opinions are mine and I wasn't given anything in return. 


  1. I LOVE the moon princess one! I don't think my mom would like it much either, though. Hahah!

  2. I love Look Human they have the best designs, that Moon Princess top is awesome and I love your hair it's so cute xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  3. Those raglan pullovers are perfect. My favorite is the I'm The Fucking Moon Princess! lol

  4. You are just so adorable and your hair matches perfectly.


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