My Favorite Things about Winter

What do you like about winter? The cold? The snow? Rain? Christmas? Today's 5 Fandom Friday list is my favorite things about winter!

(credit: Tumblr)

1. Rain (when I am not in it)

I'm not sure why but I love the rain. I love the sound it makes against my window. When the sky turns grey and it gets dark, I just love it as long as I am not in the rain. Just being at home with a cup of tea, wrapped up in blankets, and either reading or watching a movie as the drops hit the world outside is my favorite thing ever.

2. Egg Nog

I think I am one of the few people that just loves egg nog. Cold, steamed, latte, how ever I can get it. Starbucks feeds this addiction with all their crazy selection of egg nog drinks.  I just get sad that it's only a winter/holiday thing.

3. My Birthday

Oh yes, I went there. Haha..

4. Sweaters

I love sweaters. San Francisco has weird weather so in the mornings I can wear them but by mid afternoon I'm getting rid of layers. Another thing, many stores don't stock sweaters during the Spring/Summer/Fall. In the winter, it gets so cold that I can finally wear them and they are every where!! The cuter the better! I really wanted the doughnut sweater from Target but I missed out on it!

5. Burrito Blanket!! 

Winter means cold, cold means blankets, blankets mean burrito!! I love wrapping myself up like a burrito and being toasty warm. You can't do that when it's sunny outside. Of course the draw back to being in a toast burrito blanket is you do not want to get out of it. I had that many a times in the mornings and I have been late to work. Oops!

I can't wait to find out what everyone loves about winter!!

Have an awesome weekend!


  1. Burrito blanket...LOL!!! Happy birthday & I've never tired egg nog!!! I guess I need to add that to the bucket list! xx

  2. Ahh I still want the doughnut sweater from Target! I love rainy cloudy days too ;)

  3. Dressing warmly and blanket burritos are so necessary during the winter!

  4. Egg nog lattes are a gift from the gods as soon as Starbucks has them I'm there! xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  5. I could live in a burrito blanket, lovely name for it

  6. I hate the cold so I am also all for the blanket burrito! Sometimes I pile 4 or 5 blankets on top of myself and then never want to leave, lol.

  7. Both my daughter and husband LOVE eggnog. And never anything wrong with loving your birthday!!

  8. NGL The Leo image drew me here. :)
    Happy Birthday!! (did I miss it??)


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