Friday, January 2, 2015

New Years Fandom Resolutions

How was your New Years? I'm hoping amazing! Mine was pretty good until a bomb got dropped in my lap and now I have to figure out new plans of actions but I will make it out the other side!

But enough being a drama queen... here are my New Years Fandom Resolutions for 5 Fandom Friday!

1. Finish reading Harry Potter

I had actually written in my geek confession post that I stopped in the middle of book four and I really do want to finish them. Mistah J is totally not into the fandom but got the audio books because L loves Harry Potter and he wanted to know more. He blew right through them. I still haven't gotten through audio book four. Is that is my plan, to finish the series this year!

2. Go to more Cons - Especially more local cons

For a while, I only went to SDCC, Wonder Con, and Fanime. Wonder Con and Fanime were local and SDCC took the bulk of my money. When Wonder Con moved to Anaheim, me not getting tickets to SDCC, and Fanime taken a turn to I have no idea where,  I ventured to Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle which I really enjoyed! (2015 will be my 3rd visit) and finally got to attend PAX. Smaller cons have also popped up in the Bay Area - Kraken Con and Walker Stalker will be here for the first time this year so I feel like I need to support them.

3. Cosplay better

When I say Cosplay better, I mean pick my ideas and stick with them. I go all over the place and end up with unfinished costumes. I need to come up with a budget, list of things I need, search for tutorials PLAN PLAN PLAN PLAN! I need to stop changing my mind every other month. Louise was the first costume I had made/sew in a long time and when I actual got my act together it was amazing, frustrating, and fun. I need to plan these things out.

4. Write back to my pen pals

I joined International Geek Girl Pen Pal clubs and I had some great penpals for about a minute. I've only had one write back to me but I totally have not sent her letter out. I have also made a couple more pen pals through instagram and twitter who I also owe letters too. I need to get on that and I need to make sure I stay on top of replying. I keep reminding myself that I need to write that letter but I just get sidetracked and "oh hey, it's midnight I need to sleep."

5. Finish/Catch up the TV shows I'm in the middle of

I need to finish Newsroom & Psych, Catch up to Supernatural, Orphan Black and Elementary. I really need to see the last season of Doctor Who. Selfie got canned but Hulu has the last remaining eps but I really don't want to watch them because that means it's over and I got 2 more eps of Sailor Moon Crystal. I got a lot of TV to catch up on! I need to catch up so I can get on tumblr and not get spoilers!


So that's my fandom resolution list. What were yours? Did you have a hard time coming up with something for this theme? I did. Now to go check out everyone's  lists.

Happy Friday!!


  1. January is always my Netflix catch-up month. With loads of free time now that the holidays are done, I absolutely spend multiple nights in a row just camped out on the couch! It feels great after such a busy season haha.

    I too would love to attend a con sometime - I've still never been to one! I think taking photos/ buying art would be my most favorite part.

  2. AGENT. CARTER! But yay for more conventions! I can't wait to hear about them!

  3. Oh, I should have added finding a pen pal on my list! I've been thinking about joining Geek Girls Pen Pals, but I've been holding off because I'm scared I'll be a sucky pen pal, hahah!

  4. I cannot WAIT for Agent Carter!!!
    Also, wanna be pen pals? I need to be better at writing letters too (I'm kind of bad at it, but, I love to do that odd?).

  5. Ahhhh Agent Carter I'm so excited, I totes need to catch up on the new Sailor Moon to so far I've only seen the 1st one! I love the idea of pen-pals it has been forever since I've done that most of my pen-pals I tend to just tweet at but nothing beats a bit of snail mail, I've actually been thinking about doing care package swaps this year (if I can find anyone interested) so maybe I'll have to sort out something xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  6. Harry Potterrrrr! Those are my favorite stories ever, but even I struggled with book 4. My favorite books in the series are 5,6, and 7, so I hope you'll give the rest of book 4 a chance :)

  7. Ooh I'm tempted to go to Kraken Con. Smaller seems better... Fanime is always crazy crowded when I go.

    I hope you get to do some awesome cosplays and share them on your blog :D


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