Signing with Emma Rios - Pretty Deadly!

I wrote about my day at Image Expo and I mentioned that Emma Rios was there and I got her to sign my single issue of Pretty Deadly but I was not able to get a photo with her. I was reading through my twitter feed when a local comic shop, Isotope was having her and Brandon Graham doing a signing on Saturday!

First off I want to mention that Isotope is such a rad shop. The owner, James is such a cool dude. He has what is called the toilet art museum.

The entire top of the shop is lined with toilet seats with drawings on them. He told Jaime the story of where one of his guest draw on their original seat and he decided to put it up on the wall. His next artist/guest asked if they could draw on a toilet seat and it snowballed from there. The entire edging of the wall is lined with them. They are pretty high up so I couldn't get good pictures but there were some on eye level!

The Shithead + The Urinal !!!!

After admiring the amazing wall art, I got in line to get my graphic novel signed!

And then she asked if I wanted a sketch and I think I may of squeed a little too loud and said please!

The final product! She's amazing!!

And I got my photo! Haha.. it was a fun time! Emma Rios was really great and James, the owner is an awesome dude!

I just love meeting creators and getting stuff signed!


  1. I love those toilet seats! LOL What a crazy idea! And yay for being able to get a photo with her!

  2. Those toilet seats are such an awesome idea! I still haven't read Pretty Deadly (I know!) so I'll have to pick it up soon as it seems like something I'd really be in to xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥


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