Songs that changed my life!

Happy Friday everyone!

Today's 5 Fandom topic is the 5 songs that changed my life. It was a tough topic for me not because I couldn't come up with 5 songs but I didn't know which songs to pick or how to make this post work.

I wanted to write about how The Beatles were the first to grab my attention to music. I grew up in a household where only Spanish much was played and a lot of it was Banda - rancheras, corridos, cumbias, baladas etc. That style was not my thing. I heard The Beatles and my eyes were opened to a whole new sound. Across the Universe was that song.

I wanted to talk about songs that made me love music videos. There was a time when MTV and VH1 would play nothing but music videos and I would have those channels on in the mornings. Getting ready for school, I would turn the TV on and there were music videos. MUSIC VIDEOS GUYS!! My discovery of that was seeing Paula Abdul's Straight up. They videos got crazier and more elaborate and I ate it up. I would watch making of the video shows as well. Those were the good ol days!

I mentioned that Banda was not my thing but one day I discovered Selena - a singer and song writer who mainly did songs in Spanish. She was labeled as The Queen of Tejano music. She sang some amazing songs in Spanish and they just connected more with me. She did some rancheras and cumbias but it was more current. Also, there is only so many times a teenager can hear a group of men speak about lost loves and getting drunk. The song I heard was Como la Flor. I figured out a way to get all her albums and discovered more artists.

I adore soundtracks. I love them. I have this thing for songs from fantasy films. A lot of songs from films that were released in the 80s mean a lot to me. Loving music scores are a big love of mine and I will buy soundtracks - just got Candyman and Jurassic Park on vinyl! Looking back on it, the song that started it all for me was Send me an Angel from The Wizard. Oh yea, I know... The greatest film involving video games of ALL TIME. I'm not sure why but that song made me look at soundtracks/musical scores in a different way. Best sound track of all though? Labyrinth - Dance Magic Dance, As the World Falls Down, Within You, - they are AMAZING!

(Random note: I've wanted to get the line I move the stars for no one tattoo on me.)

I was thinking about cartoon openings! I mean, I grew up in the 80s where there were cartoons in the mornings and afternoons Monday through Friday! There were cartoons Saturday mornings until about noon! There were no channels just for cartoons so you had to get up early! You also had to make sure you didn't get stuck after school or you'd miss the afternoon ones. It continued well into the 90s - FOX kids afternoon and Disney Saturday mornings! Those were the days! Anyways... the kid song that I would sing at the top of my lungs annoying my mother? Rainbow Brite's theme song! It was the shortest opening in the history of cartoons (in my mind) and I would sing that line at the top of my lungs like I was the next Grammy winner!

(Psst.... I can't sing.)

Oh hey, I guess I did come up with my post! So there you have it. I absolutely need it in my life. I need it like a person needs air to breathe. I don't know what I would do if there wasn't any around in my life.

I hope to never find that out... EVER.

BONUS! I put my ipod on shuffle and I made a playlist for you! I added four of my five songs on it as well.

1. This is the First Thing - You Me at Six
2. Settle Down - Kimbra
3. Little Lion Man - Mumford & Sons
4. We Didn't Start the Fire - Billy Joel
5. My favorite Game - The Cardigans
6. Tainted Love - Soft Cell
7. Your Woman - White Town 
8. Three Wishes - The Pierces
9. Running Up That Hill - Placebo
10. Only Happy When it Rains - Garbage
11. Falling - NSYNC
12. Love Show - Skye
13. Across the Universe - Fiona Apple ( The Beatles are not on Spotify)
14. Straight Up - Paula Abdul
15. Como la Flor - Selena
16. Send me an Angel - Real Life

On that note, it is now time for me to blog hop and look up more music for me to own. Someone made a comment about Rainbow Connection being sung by these two guys and I need to find that post so I can grab the name.


  1. Yes to this entire post!
    I love the way you presented it!
    and "ANYTHING for Selena!" Forever (Bidi Bidi BumBum was my fave of hers)!

  2. Yes to this entire post!
    I love the way you presented it!
    and "ANYTHING for Selena!" Forever (Bidi Bidi BumBum was my fave of hers)!

  3. Across the Universe is one of my all time favourites I love it so much xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  4. Labyrinth is the best soundtrack! I really miss MTV and VH1 playing music too.

  5. Aaah I totally had all the Selena albums.. On cassette tapes! They're all I wanted to listen to in the car with my parents as a kid, haha. Como la Flor is such a bittersweet song <3


  6. I used to have all of We Didn't Start the Fire memorized, and I would randomly ask people about things in the song. People would look at me like I was a weirdo lol. It was always really interesting to me that Billy Joel wrote that song because he was a teacher, and was astonished at how little the youth at that time knew about history.

    And Straight Up by Paula Abdul was one of my favorites too! I didn't have MTV or anything growing up, but I remember having her tape. Yes, tape!

  7. Man, Straight Up brings back some memories! And honestly, the message in that song will never get old!

  8. The Wizard really is the best gaming movie ever! I've loved it since day one! When I got to visit the dinosaurs from the end of the movie after moving to San Diego, my lil fangirl heart was so happy! If you like Rainbow Connection {seriously amazing song!} one of my favorite bands Bad Veins, just released their version of it and it is so wonderful! xx

  9. I LOVE that you mentioned Selena!! Great list!



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