Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Toy Tuesday: Loyal Subjects x Transformers Vinyl Figures!

We were visiting Nerd Melt when we can across their little section of Loyal Subject X Transformers items. I didn't know much about this company but there was a display of blind boxes. They were 3" Transformers and they were vinyl figures. I have a weakness for blind boxes. 

In series one there were 11 figures total with three of them being their chase figures. Chase figures are figures that are special but not guarantee to be in the case. 

I really wanted Grimlock and Jaime wanted Soundwave. I bought three boxes. We ended up with Bumblebee, a chase which was Jazz, and GRIMLOCK!

He came with a sword and a gun. That was about it. He's so cute and I was really excited to get him. He was the only Dinobot in series 1.

A year or so later we were at a local festival when we saw these awesome geek shirts at a booth and they also had blind boxes. Saw some Kidrobot Marvel Labbit and Munny boxes and they had a new series of the Loyal Subject Transformers.

Slag, another Dinobot was included in the series. I bought another boxes but alas I did not get him. But they did have a Slag out of box and let me trade for him so yay!!

He's so much cooler then Grimlock. He comes with a gun and sword and he comes with his dinosaur head. I liked it much better. 

They also released Snarl but he was only available at Hot Topic. They re did Grimlock. He's now 5.5" figure and comes with his dino head that can be attached. Of course, I can't find them anywhere and HT closed down our only store in my city. 

And bonus!! Jaime did finally get Shockwave! 


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