Toy Tuesday: She-ra Princess of Power!

Gwen over at The Geeky Squib introduced me to Toy Tuesday and I decided I wanted to join in on the fun!

While I was visiting my Mother over the holidays, I was digging around the garage and found a couple storage boxes filled of my Princess of Power toys. I absolutely love the cartoon and I still do. I actually joined Matty Collector's club to get the newest figures from their Masters of the Universe line!

I'm actually shocked that 5,6,7 year old me managed to keep the figures in pretty good condition. Granted, I did lose a lot of items like shields, combs, and clothing but for the most part, they are nice. So thumbs up there!

I did take a lot of photos and decided to make this into two posts. This post will be about the figures I have and next week I'll show off the two playsets that I still own & a couple of in box items! How I kept things in boxes at the age of 6, I have no idea!

In case you don't know about the line - She-ra Princess of Power toys were made by Mattel from 1984-1987. They were about 5.5-6" tall and came with a lot of accessories. The series not only included dolls but playsets, horses, a few sidekicks, and fashions sets. There was one set of dolls and animal that never got to see the light of day when the collection got cancelled - the Star Sisters and Glory bird but thanks to Matty Collectors, they finally got released and I was a happy camper.

But enough with the history lesson, let's me show you the toys!

The Great Rebellion!! (The Good Guys!)

First off is Queen Angella! She's pretty much complete, I'm just missing her comb. Her wings actually open and close with a push of the tab on top of her which I think is really cool! I don't think you can remove her wings and truthfully, I didn't want to check or try because knowing my luck, they would break right off.

Mermista is their Mist-I-flying mermaid. No really, it says that on the box! Okay, I googled it and have no idea if it really did. She comes in her mermaid form but you can remove her tail and she has legs. I completely forgot to take a picture but did you really need to see that? I like her in her mermaid form anyways. She also has a shell attach to her back which you can squeeze and it shoots water from her necklace! Yea, I have no idea how to do that anymore. Also, I'm hoping I cleaned it out the last time I used it. I'm just missing her green comb.

Those combs are slippery little suckers!

Meet Castaspella the Enchantress who hypnotises. The disk on her back actually spins. You have to spin it manually, no push button here but it works. You can't remove the disk at all. It worked out because you didn't run the risk of losing it. Breaking it, that's a whole other story. I think I did break my first one. I remember having a couple of Castaspella. The only thing I'm missing is her pink comb.

The lady herself, She-ra!! She-ra is Adora alter ego. Adora just like her brother Adam/He-man she lifts up her sword, says her saying and she transforms into She-ra! An Adora figure never got made in the original run but Matty Collector released one a couple years ago! She-ra came loaded with accessories and I lost them all. The only thing I have left is her skirt and some messy hair. I tried to fix it up for the photo shoot. She came with a cape, skirt, head crown, gold shield, pink comb, and a gold sword which I don't understand since in the cartoon it was sliver, but as you can see I only have the skirt on here.

I do have a complete in box one that I picked up on ebay a few years ago which I will show next week!

And here to round out the Great Rebellion is Bow! I googled to find out which accessories I am missing and his caption was listed as "Special Friend who helps She-ra" & "His heart can beat for She-ra." I forgot that you can take off his chest plate and there is a heart in the middle of his chest. The button on the back is what makes it beat. It seems I am only missing his gold crown.

And now it's time for the Evil Horde!

If I remember correctly, only two baddies were made specificly for the Princess of Power line - Catra and Entrapta. If you wanted anymore members of the Evil Horde you had to buy them from the Masters of the Universe line. Skeletor & his team were the main villains for He-man & Hordak and his team were the main villains for She-ra.You still could only get the baddies by looking for He-man toys.

Here is the jealous beauty (really? jealous? the heck packing! Maybe she just like to fuck some shit up!) Catra!! In the cartoon, she has a mask that once she slides over face, she transforms into a cat. She also has her own animal named Clawdeen. She fights for Hordak but really, she just wants to rule everyone. She's my favorite figure of the series. I'm only missing the grey shield and her comb.

And here is Scratchin' Sound Catra. Her and She-ra had different released like Bubble Power She-ra and Shower Power Catra. This one, you could pull the lever on her back and her arm would move, making it look like she's scratching at you. She had a different outfit then the first one and she had a different color skirt/tail. She came with a pink mask that is lost and a grey shield.

I'm considering stalking ebay for random She-ra accessories lots to see if I can collect the pieces I am missing. I have seen them and they always priced decently.

And this concludes today's program! Haha... Next week I'll be showing off some of the playsets and in box figures I have!

Did you watch She-ra? Own any of the toys? You by chance still own them? Which favorite childhood toys do you still own?

Have I shown my age?

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