Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Toy Tuesday: She-ra Princess of Power part two!

I'm back with part two of my She-ra Princess of Power post for Toy Tuesday! You can check out part one here!

In part one I shared my collection of loose figures. In this post I will share those in blister/box and playsets.

I have three figures still in the blister pack. Glimmer is one of them. Again, I have no idea how my 6 year old self kept it in the blister pack but there she is. The package has yelled badly but I don't have the heart to open it and take her out. I should because it is hard to see her because of the coloring of the package. I forgot that the figures came with mini comics!

Check out the art on the back of the blister cards. I loved the art on the package!

Entrapta is another figure I have in it's package. She's actually pretty good! The pastic is not yellowed like Glimmer is or the She-ra one I have. I didn't photograph that one because she's on display and hard to get off the shelf. If you notice, the package is different from Glimmer because it's in another language. I have no idea where or how this came into my possession. I wonder if they used different material for it.

For some reason , someone decided that a few of the characters needed their own horse like She-ra (Swiftwind) and Bow (Arrow). I own both Arrow and Swiftwind but those are in my storage unit so I didn't photograph them in this batch. Anyways, they sold gift sets of a doll and horse. I own SweetBee and Crystal Sun Dancer. This one has a funny story, my mother bought it as a present, misplaced it, and we found years later. I kept it their box since I had them loose already.

 The wings on Sun Dancer are plastic and have yelled terribly. I own a couple of the horses loose and the wings are yellow and sticky. I have no idea how to clean it. Also, I have no idea what is going on with SweetBee's hair!

Just like He-man having Castle Greyskull, She-ra had her own and it was called Crystal Castle. This thing was huge when I was younger. Now, not so much. Also, I've lost a good chuck of the items that came with it.

It seems I still have the chair, bed, a fire place, and some other random things. The castle opens and closes with latches I no longer have but it just couldn't handle all the accessories it came with it. I'm not surprise I lost a lot. Even as I was trying to put it away I had to go all tetris in it.

The other play set I have is Crystal Falls. (Do you see a theme with the names?) Crystal Falls was made as a playset for Mermista and her friends. 

I'm missing a small sea shell that latches to the side so someone can sit and a whole bunch of little things like goblets and combs. It actually did work as a water fall. There was a tube in the back and you could fill the playset with water, push the button, and water would spit out from the purple petal above. 

I was tempted to try it but the tube looks really yellow and I'm not sure if it would be able to handle water. Also, I think my mother use to complain a lot about having to clean it. I guess it was a pain to make sure it was completely water free so it wouldn't smell.

It's amazing how some toys can last a very long time. These guys are about 20+years old!

There were more animals, figures, and playsets released through out the 3 years the line was sold. After working on this post and sharing my collection, I have this need to try and find the missing stuff....

Let us not tell Jaime that. He'll mention that we don't have the shelf space currently.


  1. Such a rad collection. I only have an out of box Catra. Your collection is awesome and I am so jelly you still have some in box.


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