Buying San Diego Comic Con Tickets - told in gifs

Saturday morning. The morning that SDCC tickets went on sale. I'm volunteering this year but I wanted to get Jaime a ticket so we could spend at least one day inside and bring L. She's still gets in free with a paid adult so that was the plan. Jaime and I both woke up at 8am.

Sorry but 8am on a Saturday is too early so yea, trying to open my eyes and get my laptop took some time. We had to log in to get Jaime's pre reg code so he could get into the waiting room. If you didn't have it, you couldn't get in. Of course, SDCC website was not prepare...

They were NOT prepare for the unsought of people trying to log into their accounts to get their pre-reg code. I had to keep refreshing the site just to enter his info to log in. Once we finally got in, we had to refresh to get to the tab that had that info.

F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5!! I think I wore it out. I don' think I can see the button anymore. Note: Log in the day before and write down all the information that you need so you are not rushing to get your info. If you didn't regestier before 9am, you wouldn't be allowed in the waiting room which is what happened to a lot of people. So finally getting the info and registering, we waited.

We stared at the waiting room blue spinner guy as we waited for 9am. I will say the person who was writing the information on the yellow box made it some much more bearable.

My favorite one was: "Every member of the JLA has an equal chance of buying a badge, even Aquaman. "

We finally saw that it was 10 mins to 9am!

The countdown began. We had all of Jaime's information, credit card was in hand, we made sure the computer wouldn't fall into sleep mode, and I was now helping out Brooke because she couldn't get in to register her account. It hit 9am!

This year they changed it up. It wasn't about how fast you log in, how amazing your connection speed was, whatever. Every 120 seconds they would take a group of people waiting and let them in to buy their tickets.You could of gotten in at 8am or 8:59am, it was random selection. Then the updates started... Preview Night sold out.

We didn't qualify for Preview Night so we were okay with that sell out. It's fine, all good.
Then we saw Saturday was running low... then sold out.

We weren't aiming for Saturday because we knew that day would sell out first. I felt bad for Brooke because she wanted Friday/Saturday. We worked out another 2 day option and continued to wait. Then we saw Friday running low.... Friday sold out.

Gah, Friday sold out. I had to DM Brooke about her remaining options and hope that we got into the waiting room to get Jaime his Thursday badge. And that's when we saw it. Thursday running low...

Thursday sold out.

And we were out. We couldn't so Sunday because right now, we don't know our transportation situation and we didn't want to get the badge and it turns out we had to spend our Sunday travelling home. I did stick around to try and get Brooke one but I never got in.

I never left the waiting room and Sunday sold out.

Okay, it wasn't that dramatic. I shut the laptop closed and went back to sleep.

We weren't able to get Jaime ( and L) a ticket but he will be going because there is so much to do outside of the actual con!

And that was my adventure in buying SDCC tickets this year. How was yours? Did you manage tickets? Are you still going either way?


  1. We didn't get any either so I won't be going, the worst thing is is that we got in just as tickets sold out.... so near yet so far! If I lived in the US I would probably go anyway just to meet up with friends but the 15hr plane ride and air fare is probably not worth it, I can always find another cheaper time to visit the US. I might try to visit Comikazi instead or just save all that money for another adventure oh well maybe next time SDCC...

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  2. Aw, sorry you weren't able to get any badges! But you're right, there is SO MUCH to do outside of the convention center! You'll still have a great time!

  3. Sorry dude, I know your pain! 2010 I wanted to break my friends leg before the con so I could take his badge.
    After SDCC I wanted to break his nose as he stated he thought it was boring, and he DIDN'T DO ANYTHING there. He just wanted free stuff, but didn't wait for ANY of it! (I feel like my feelings of breaking his nose are justified...he found my anger funny. But he knew why I was mad lol).


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