Friday, February 27, 2015

Characters I'd Name My Pets (kids) After!

Today's 5 Fandom Post is Characters I would name my kids after. My first plan was just to list five characters who's names I thought were great. I then switched it over to pets but scrapped it because I didn't think people would want to read it. After seeing how Barb and Cate did a post along those lines, I decided to bring my post back!

I don't want kids. For a while I thought I did but as I got older, I realized that the life I want to live doesn't leave room for a screaming, needy, hungry, tiny human.

But pets! I want pets! I want them all! Sadly, Jaime is really allergic to anything with fur so we can't have dogs, cats, bunnies, chinchillas, even hamsters but I am allowed to dream about owning them. We can have reptiles so that's something we are looking at.

I present to you characters I would name my pets after!

1. Bearded Dragon named Toothless

I have heard a lot of great things about bearded dragons. Jaime got to hang around with one and he said it was the sweetest thing ever. I want one. I want one and I will name her/him after Toothless from How to Train your Dragon.

A lot of research is being done about them and we are waiting on getting one until we have the space because it needs a huge home and I will spoil it rotten!

2. Puppy named Zero

Zero is on of my favorite characters from Nightmare before Christmas. I also love seeing him in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland when Jack takes over. He is so cute! I would love to find a white puppy and name him Zero. (but no puppies unless I want to kill Jaime)

3. Hamster named Rhino

I've always wanted a hamster but I have heard mixed things about owning them. I can't anyways because we found out that Jaime is allergic to them as well. (WTF?) I'm not a huge fan of the Disney film Bolt but the character Rhino was what made it great and I would love to have a hamster

4. Kitten named Luna

I want a black cat and name her Luna. Crescent moon is not needed but would be a plus. I know a few people find Luna annoying in the anime but I just love her. She means will and really loves Usagi including her faults. Cats are like that. They want you think they don't care but when it comes down to it, they are the most adoring animals ever.

5. Dog named Lucky/Pizza Dog

Hawkeye by Matt Fraction, David Aja, Annie Wu, (and others) is my favorite series ever. I know folks had issues with the way Clint was written in the series but I believe it was so well done. But I am not here to talk about that. I am here to talk about Arrow/Lucky/Pizza Dog. Arrow saved Barton in the first issue but was badly beaten. Clint saved him and changed his name to Lucky. Fans started calling him Pizza Dog because of his love for pizza. Lucky loves both Clint and Kate and it shows so much in the comic. I want a dog just like him. I hope Lucky is kept in the new Hawkeye series coming out next month.

And there you have it, the 5 names I would give my pets. If I could, I would own all five and these would be their names.

One day!

Happy Friday!


  1. YEY for Pizza Dog! I always said if I got a cat I'd have to name it Luna xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  2. My list is pet names too lol. How cute would a little Zero be!

  3. A hamster namde Rhino and a puppy name Zero!! Perfect pet names. Love it!

  4. OMG, I love your idea of naming a dog Zero! I can't believe I didn't think of that1

  5. My lord! Toothless and Zero are my favorite!!!!!

  6. I LOVE all of these names! A bearded dragon named Toothless is such a cute and clever idea! I don't want kids either and I already named my dog Stormageddon, so I didn't post this week, but I am glad you shared your pet names.

    (<3 Pizza Dog - I'm waiting on the next Hawkeye TPB and I've managed to avoid spoilers, but if something happens to Pizza Dog I will be so angry!)


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