Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cosplay update: America Chavez Jacket!

Jaime and I will be attending Emerald City Comic Con next month and I am hard at work, working on my costume!

I'm bringing Louise from Bob's Burger with me. I've only worn it twice for less then an hour and I am so proud of that outfit that I need to wear it as much as I can!

My second cosplay is America Chavez from Young Avengers. Her outfit is formed of every day pieces but it has become a lot of work! And a lot of bottles of fabric paint!

She has a denim jacket, a red hood sweater, blue shirt with a star in the middle, black shorts, and red combat boots. I can't exactly walk into a store and buy her exact jacket so I had to get creative with fabric paint. 

I got really lucky and found a light colored denim jacket at my local Goodwill for 7 bucks so with the jacket found and my fabric paint bottles in hand, I set to work.

I cut out my star template and made sure it was a nice size for the back and I plan on using it for the star on the blue shirt. Once I made sure I knew all the spots on the jacket that need blue, I went to work covering the jacket with masking tape and using blue. Lots and lots of blue. Thank goodness I bought the 4oz bottle. 

I painted the middle of the back and part of the sleeves. It took 3 coats and about 4 days. I would work on it after work/classes and the dry time was 4 hours so you can see why it took a minute.

Boom!! Jacket coated in blue! I found the red zip hoodie on Amazon. It matched perfectly so I bought it! Now I started working on the stars! There is one large on the back and three on each sleeve.

This was a challenge. I had to measure, resize, take off the tape and re do it all over again. It wasn't aligned correctly, it was off center... whatever you can think off, it happened. After an entire day, I finally got them to look right and off to paint. 

And I have my stars!! These took about 4 coats because of the blue but it looks nice. The white did seep through the masking tape so I can to take a fine tip paint brush and paint it over with blue but it worked out. My jacket is currently hanging to dry!

I'm not going to lie, this project has been crazy but I am having a lot of fun creating her jacket. Up next will be the red and white stripes on the top, front and back. 

What are you guys working on for the new con season?!


  1. This looks really great! You did a fantastic job!

  2. It looks so cool! I cant wait to see photo!

  3. This is looking excellent!! Looking forward to seeing the whole finished cosplay!

  4. It looks awesome, funny story about my America jacket is that I saw one that almost exactly resembled hers before I had even read the comics or heard of her, of course after I read them I knew I had to get it and luckily ended up getting it on sale for $10 a couple months later. I can't wait to see your outfit all together America is awesome and I love seeing so many people cosplay her xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  5. Girl, that's looking so good! I love when characters have 'everyday' clothes because you can wear the pieces all the time!

  6. This looks great! I haven't worked much with fabric paint but it looks really good!

  7. That looks so great! And I didn't realize how perfect the boots you found were until I saw the character pic at the top of your post! This is going to be a fantastic cosplay.


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