DC announces new books and MARVEL is releasing an all Female Avengers team!!

I am currently in the process of selling my single issues to buy trades (Shameless plug: I got issues 2-15 of Young Avengers, #16 East of West Image Expo Cover, Red Sonja #1 by Gail Simone signed, and Satellite Sam #1 Image Expo by Fraction for sale!) and I just cleaned out my pull list a week ago to have these announcements from both MARVEL and DC drop yesterday.

My wallet is not thanking you right now publications but I'm all like

Let me start with DC Comics. Starting June 3rd they will have 24 brand new series and 25 on going. They are "going back to basics" and "want to be more expensive and modern in our approach and tell stories that better reflect society around us." 

For the new series set, I saw Black canary and Arsenal were both getting solo titles. My first thought was because of Arrow but hey, if it sells why not go for it. The show is not doing a good job in getting me to give a damn about Laurel/ Black Canary. I then saw that Brenden Fletcher (Batgirl & Gotham Academy) will be writing it and Annie Wu (Hawkeye) will be do the art along with Irene Koh, I am willing to picking up the first issue if I got the money. That was the plan. It turned out Batgirl wasn't for me but I AM SO LOVING GOTHAM ACADEMY.

Oh and Gotham Academy is on the list for on going series so YAY!!!

But what really made me want to say "yea, I'm getting Black Canary" was this tweet from Fletcher:

I'm also excited for the six issue run of Harley Quinn and Powergirl. I haven't read anything Powergirl but with Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti writing it, it went onto my list. I love their on going Harley Quinn series (another one staying!) and all the comments I kept seeing on how they wrote an amazing Powergirl the last time they had her, I mean it was a given. 

I am also excited to check out Constantine: the Hellblazer by Doyle & Rossmo. I'm loving the TV show so I shall check out the comic. Woot!

AND CAN I SAY HOW HAPPY I AM THAT STARFIRE HAS CLOTHES ON!! I don't read Starfire but I am so excited. Conner and Palmiotti are writing her solo series so I may pick it up. 

Now for the rest of the on going titles, they are series I'm not reading so it was good. Gotham Academy and Harley Quinn are staying and I am happy. I tried with Catwoman but I just couldn't get into the story and the way she was drawn and they've changed up writers/artist since the reboot. 

MARVEL had one announcement and I think it's a great one! They announced a ALL FEMALE AVENGERS TEAM!!

I have X-men on my pull list because of Jubilee and those stories have been good but to have another title is just pure happiness for me. Though with this whole reboot/combing of the Marvel Universe I am not sure what will happen with X-men but I really hope they keep it around!

Titled A-Force, the series being written by G Willow Wilson (Ms. Marvel which if you haven't read, get it now) and Marguerite K. Bennett with art by Jorge Molina, will be happening during their Secret Wars event. 

Do you see this cover!!! It looks like She-Hulk will be leading the team and they have DAZZLER!!! NICO (Runaways) Captian Marvel, Spider-Gwen, JUBILEE, Hellcat, Wasp, and many more. It was also said that if you don't see your favorite character on the cover it doesn't mean they won't make an appearance.

It needs to be May! It needs to be June!! I need more money to keep buying these series monthly.

Who wants to buy my soul?!

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