Sunday, February 8, 2015

January Favorites!

January came and went. I had plans to do a lot while on break from school but it feels like I haven't. I started exercising, working on my America Chavez cosplay, doing google hangouts, and I'm writing for Agents of Geek.

Hmm.. maybe I did do what I started out to do for the month.

Anyways, here are my favorites!

TV Shows + Films:

1. SELMA - Such an amazing film. Please get out there and watch it.

2. Sons of Anarchy - I'm currently on season 5 of this crazy show!

3. Jane the Virgin - I was put off by the title but so many people told me to ignore the title and I am so glad I started watching it. It's amazing!

4. EMPIRE - I didn't think I would get into it but it's really good.

Comics + Books: 

1. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline - I'm acutlally listening to this and it's read by Wil Wheaton. I am loving the 80s pop culture which is really heavy in this book.

2. Bitch Planet - I got the first issue while at Image Expo and I was blown away. The first issue was amazing. Pick it up!


1. Our Google + hangouts! I know I just did a post but I am excited about geeking out with Joie, Travis, and Gwen about Agent Carter!

2. Hawkeye POP figure is being released!!

3. David Tennant is joining Marvel's Jessica Jones on Netflix!

4. I backed Unspeakable Words Deluxe edition on Kickstarter! I saw the game being played on Table Top & had to get a copy!

5. Kristin (SuperSpaceChick) wrote up an a great post "upgrading" her life and it was a great reminder for me about what I want from 2015. Check it out!

6. #MakeAgentCarter post from Joie needs to be shared. I really want to get some Agent Carter items. I don't care if it's just one thing like a POP funko figure or a single action figure. I know a minimate was made for the Captain America the First Avenger film but we need more out there.

What were some of you favorite things this month?


  1. January rocked for me b/c of my first con! Whoop. Ahh I really want to check out Bitch Planet. And a book narrated by Wil Wheaton? Cool!

  2. Ahh, I loved Bitch Planet! Such a fantastic read. I can't wait to see where this series goes!


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