Spring Kraken Con 2014!

This post has been a year in the making. I was lazy to edit the photos and then I couldn't find them. I had thrown them onto my external hard drive and forgot I had it. It works because Kraken Con 2015 will be happening in April! Their Spring 2014 show was my first visit and I had fun. I accidentally discovered this con was happening through Facebook. A friend had liked their page and it popped up on my feed.

It was a one day convention and not badly priced - $15.00. It was being held at the Oakland Convention Center. I went to their website to have a look around but didn’t really have plans on going until I saw the names of two of their Guests of Honors!

Natasha Allegri - the creator of Bee & Puppycat which I am currently obsessed with! She’s also known for her work on Adventure Time and Fiona and Cake!

Niki Yang, the voice of B-mo and Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time. I am such a fan of B-mo!!

While at ECCC, I found Bee's sweater at the We Love Fine booth so I picked it up! I went as Bee and had Puppycat with me! I just didn't have enough time to find a wig but I now have one!
Mistah J just went as himself. Haha…

Niki Yang had her autograph session at 10am. We got on the first BART train (the public transportation for the Bay Area) at 8am. I wanted to make sure was able to get through pre-reg and in line so I could get her autograph! Let me tell you that line was a breeze. We got our swag bags, had bracelets instead of badges which was kinda disappointing because I love collecting my con badges, and they had trading cards! You could collect different ones from booths, guests, and artists!

We walked into the exhibit hall which turned out to be the hub of the con! They had one side set up with a projection screen and they were playing one of the dancing games from XBOX. There were also TVs lined up with all kinds of games from Duck Hunt to Shaq-fu! On the other side there was another projection screened where they played different animes/animation shows. The rest of the hall was for the vendors and artist. Oh and they had a Maid/Butler café too!

At about 9:30am we saw the line had gotten really long for Niki Yang so we rushed over. She was signing for an hour only. Let me say, the entire session went really well. She signed one item for everyone, mine was my B-mo and she had her own Kraken Con trading card! She was really nice and I got a picture with her!

We then went to look around and see what folks had for sale. There was so much cool stuff! I loved the fact that they had both stores and artists in the same spot. Mistah J and I bought a couple of badges for our bags, I picked up a Sailor Mercury figure from a vendor who had her priced really well, and I picked up a blind box from Funko’s Horror set. I ended up with the guy from Trick or Treat.

We had a couple of hours to kill before Natasha Allegri panel so we grabbed some brunch at a near by restaurant. When we returned to the con, we couldn't figure out where the panels were until we realized before you get into the actual hall, there are 4 smaller rooms and those were the panels. She gave us a preview of the current Bee and Puppycat story board (at the time)! It was fun to watch her tell the story of what was happening. Her panel was only an hour and once she was done with the story board, a few people asked questions. She loves to draw eps that have food in them.

Her autograph session was 3pm which sadly wouldn't give me enough time to attend Niki Yang panel and still possibly get her autograph. She was too only signing for an hour and there were A LOT of fans. We spent some more time wondering the hall, taking photos of the cosplayers, and just chatting with fans. I decided that I should get in line at around 2 for her autograph so I left Mistah J behind and headed over.

OMG, the line was out of control. This is the one time I will say that they dropped the ball. The line was up for another guest and someone was letting those that wanted Natasha Allegri autograph get in that line. We were in line for 30 mins when someone else came over and said that they had already started her line against the wall on the other side. Instead of moving us in an orderly fashion, folks bolted and those behind us ended up in front of us. It was a mess. I did end up with her autograph by luck. I actually got handed the paddle that said I was the last person in line. I felt bad for the group behind me because they had been waiting an hour already in the other line and lost their spot when everyone ran to the correct line. I managed to get the person handling the line situation to let them get an autograph.

I wish I had my kickstarter comic for her to sign but they hadn't shipped them out when the show happend so I got her to sign a ice cream cardstock that I had from my scrapbooking stuff. It worked out because Bee loves sweets. You know she does.

After that we called it a day. I got what I wanted and a few extra things. Kraken Con had another show in the Fall but I ended up not going. There was no one on their guest list that I wanted to see. I just checked their site and they haven't made any announcements yet for guests but I will be following them on twitter.


  1. Great pics and cute cosplay! It seems so many cons don't do crowd management very well and that's like the one thing they need to be awesome at haha


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