Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Toy Tuesday! Captain Marvel Legends Figure!

Hasbro and Marvel released their newest wave of Marvel Legends build a figure and included was Captain Marvel.

Who of course keeps selling out quickly. I was randomly on Amazon and she popped up at retail! I snagged us one!

She comes with a interchangeable head which is her helmet and a energy projection piece that slides over her fist. It's made of a rubber type material, it's squishy. It's really simple but so cool!

She was a pain to stand, I had to use a box of scotch tape to hold her up. I finally had to use a base from another figure to stand her up. 

One of the things with extra heads, I can never seem to snap them back on or off but it was really easy with this figure!

Overall, it's a really great figure, one of my favorites so far from the entire collection. 
In terms of the build a figure portion, she came with Odin's head, cape, and a weapon.



  1. When I saw she was getting her own figure I flipped! I can't wait to see what else she ends up with once we get closer to her movie!

  2. I love it! She looks so awesome :D


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