Toy Tuesday: Funko x Super7 ReAction Figures!

For today's edition of Toy Tuesday I wanted to share my small collection of ReAction figures by Funko x Super7.

They have done a lot of different series like ALIEN, Back to the Future, Firefly, Big Trouble in Little China, and more. They are done in the style of the old Kenner Star War toys that were released in the late 70s. I'm excited for them because I love the packaging and they are/have released some of my favorite figures from series you would never expect or didn't get any figures.

ALIEN was one of them. I read that they had prototypes of  figures but it never happened.

Freddy Krueger was the first one I bought. He was released under the Horror Series which includes six more figures. Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Eric Draven, Ghost Face, Pinhead, and Sam round the set.

My second figure was The ALIEN from the ALIEN series. These figures are based on the first film of the series. I had been looking everywhere for ALIEN and Ripley at a reasonable price but was having no luck. I actually got this figure in one of my Loot Crate boxes! I got sooo lucky! Dallas, Kane, and Ash round out the set. I wonder why Parker, Lambert, and Brett weren't made.

The final figure that I have in my collection is Barrel from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I bought him as a Christmas gift for Jaime mainly because he came with Teddy Scare. We love Teddy Scare and buy up whatever items are of him. Jack, Sally, Mayor, Devil, and Behemoth round out that series.

That's my collection. I rarely keep anything in there package but like I mentioned above, I just love it. I have them hanging on my wall though Freddy decided he had enough a fall off. Thank goodness it didn't turn into the puppet scene from Dream Warriors!

Do you own any? Which ones are your favorite so far? Which one are you trying to find?

Oh and speaking of Funko did you hear about the new Collector Corps? Funko teams up with Marvel for a bi-monthly sub box. If you sign up now you'll get the exclusive 6" Hulk Buster POP figure for the month of April. I broke and signed up. Did you?


  1. I love the NBC figures! I saw them in stores but haven't pulled the trigger yet. But I DID pull the trigger on the Marvel Corps box!

  2. I didn't know they had made NBC for these! Barrel is one of my faves! I want to collect the Goonies, and, Firefly sets! I love the throw back packaging too!

  3. I heard they are going to make Rocky Horror in this series!! So excited! I think I will break down and get the Collector Corps too, I just love the Avengers : )

  4. Ooh, I like that Nightmare before Christmas one! I also caved and signed up for the Marvel box. I'm not sure how long I'll stick with it, but I really wanted that Hulkbuster!



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