Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cosplay Update: America Chavez Jacket & then some!

I leave for Seattle today and at the time of me writing this post I only have the boots left to work on. Everything else is finished and let me just say, I am proud of myself with this costume!

In my last update, I had finished painting all the blue and stars that was on the jacket. I had to do the red and white stripes.

Can I say how much I hate measuring things out? I do! Trying to get even stripes on the jacket was hard. It curved at one point, and because the collar, it wasn't the same on the front or back but Jaime helped me out and we made it worked.

Now the shorts, I was having a little issue. I didn't want to make them but why is it so hard to find black shorts in San Francisco during the winter? It's not like it's freezing over here. I was about to give up and start researching on how to make them when on our way home from Disneyland one weekend, we stopped at a outlet mall. I wondered into a couple of stores and found the perfect shorts.

Here, let me give your a terrible photo of the shorts. They are black shorts and even better? THEY CAME WITH GOLD BUTTONS! America Chavez has black shorts with gold buttons but on the side. These were on the front.

I checked and they could be easily removed and sewed back on the side of the shorts.

Woot! I did the sewing while on lunch at work. Haha.. I would say I'm anti-social but there is no one else in my office. 

Now for the shirt, I found a nice blue shirt on amazon and using the same template star that I just on the back of the jacket, I fabric painted the shirt. I was worried that it would seep through the masking tape that I used to outline the star but it worked out well!

Everything is ready to go! Like I said, I have to work on the boots but if that fails, I'll just wear my black ones. No biggie but I really want red. 

So yea, I am so proud of this costume and I can't wait to wear it! 

How's your cosplay plans going?


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