Monday, March 23, 2015

Espionage Cosmetics - Nailed It! But Wait...There's MOAR!

Woot!! My Espionage Cosmetics nail wraps arrived!! I loved their nail wraps from their first kickstarter that when I heard they were doing a second round, I jumped on it!

This time I picked a higher rewards level and got more nail wraps and like always, the designs are amazing. Let me show you what I picked!

The glitter set!! Mermaid, Baker Street, Mermaid Variant, Unicorn Blood, and Lunar Phase. The glitter Baker Street and Lunar Phase wraps was a backer exclusive. My personal favorite is the Unicorn Blood!

This is the glow in the dark set! Little Vampires, Clive Barker, Mira Grant, Treasure Maps, Baker Street (Non Baker), Fibonacci, Lunar Phase, and Galaxy Wavelength. The Little Vampires are the cutest!

Manga, Tentacles, Light Cycle, Dice, Dogs, and Geek Icons. The Dogs nail wraps are photo of backer's pets. I sent a photo of L's puppy but it didn't get picked. I don't blame them, she's a tough one to photograph!

I also got a Humidor which protects unused nail warps. That is one thing I hate about any nail wraps in general! Once you open them, the unused one go to waste. They made a humidor so you can re use those wraps at a later day! Yes!

I also signed up for their Nerd Make Up Sub box!! It starts shipping in April so I can't wait to get that box!! It will included 2 nails wraps already from their collection, 2 new wraps which won't be sold on their site until 60 days later, and a bonus product. 

If you want to check out the first set of nail wraps I got, click here for that post. I also did a review post about the ones I bought at ECCC last year. They lasted for about 3 weeks!

I know my photos aren't the best. I was trying not to overload the page but check out their kickstarter page for the designs I got and skipped on a few that just weren't my style.

Did you guys back their kickstarter? Which wraps did you get?

Thanks for reading!


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