Friday, March 20, 2015

My Comfort Films

It's Friday and spring break officially starts for me. I had one heck of a week getting 2 papers done. It was not fun. I need some me time... a glass of wine and some movies.

And today's 5 Fandom Friday topic is perfect because I need My Comfort Films

I watch these films when I'm sick or when I just had a terrible day. They lighten up my mood and make it so much better.


I know the movie by heart to the point that I start quoting it. I have had people ask what makes me love it so much and it's because of Ripley and Newt. Also, the aliens.

2. Gremlins

I just love, love this film. 

3. Totoro

I believe Totoro's are real and you can't tell me otherwise. Also, it's such a pretty film.

4. Alice in Wonderland 

There are days where I need to watch someone else hang out with the crazies! Hahaha... 

5. Independence Day

Things go boom. Truthfully, not sure why I love ID4 so much but I do. 

Bonus: Supergirl

It's such a bad film but when I was little, it was the greatest thing to me since slice bread and I loved it. I mean, I still do but it's so terrible. 

Thanks for reading! Now to see what everyone has on their list! I'm always on the look out for more movies to watch.

Happy Friday!


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