My Fictional BFF's

Have you ever watched a tv show, a movie, played a video game, read a book, and found that one character that you want to be BFF's with?

Today's Five Fandom Friday post is theme around BFF's, those of the fictional variety. Here is my list of BFF's.

1. Toothless - How to Train your Dragon

I believe deep down that pets can be a BFF just like humans. I want Toothless to be my best friend. He's so adorably, cute, and sweet. I think we'd so much fun together. 

2. Clint Barton - Avengers

I can totally be best friends with Clint Barton. I could be his Kate Bishop! 

3. Felicity Smoak - Arrow

Felicity is such a fan of stuff and I think we both would get along so well! We could totally fangirl about Oliver Queen together.

4. Peggy and Jarvis - Agent Carter

I absolutely love Agent Carter and I just want to be friends with both her and Jarvis. Even if it's just hanging out at Automat. 

5. Daenerys - Game of Thrones

Mother of Dragons. That is all. 

Thanks for reading my list! Happy Friday!!

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