One Fandom Item Styled Five Different Ways!

This weeks 5 Fandom Friday is one item styled 5 different ways! I was so excited for this prompt and I ended up picking Her Universe's Empire leggings. I picked up a pair during Star Wars weekend when I was in Walt Disney World last year. I love everything that Her Universe releases and these are my favorite leggings to date!

Sadly, I will only have three outfits because I was so busy finishing up my cosplay for ECCC this weekend that I completely forgot to come up with two more. I may add them to my post later next week but I do love the three I made and I hope you do too!

Her Universe Star Wars Galactic Empire Leggings

 I call this my casual set. Converse shoes, a sweater, and Darth Vader earrings. I can live in converses!

Her Universe Star Wars Galactic Empire Leggings

This is perfect for the office! Well, my office anyways. I realized that I can get away with subtle fandom items at work. I can't wear really loud leggings but these seem to be okay. The Dooney and Burke purse is so cool!

Her Universe Star Wars Galactic Empire Leggings

This is my going out outfit. The necklace is something that I thought would be awesome to create., It originally has a huge stone but I figure removing it and adding the millennium falcon to it would be amazing. The top is so cute. I love the back and I wish I had remember to save it so I could show you and those shoes. I can't wear heels due to a knee injury from high school but I love that heart plate on the back.

There you have it! The three I managed to make. I just love these leggings and I can't wait to see what else Her Universe releases.

Happy Friday and if you're at Emerald City Comicon, say hi!

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