Jubilee Kotobukiya Statue

Kotobukiya has been releasing some amazing and not so amazing statues based off of different DC and Marvel characters, mainly the ladies.

Some can be really well done and some not so much. I wanted the Poison Ivy one but I didn't like her face. The Catwoman was just to sexualized for me. I do own the Harley Quinn. It's cute even though she's straddling the mallet.  They announced they were releasing a Jubilee one so I had to order it.

They took the 90s outfit and changed it up. They give her a shorter jacket, cropped pink top, and really short shorts.

She popped right out of the box, ready to be displayed which I totally love. Her base is a glittery yellow color, such a Jubilee color.

Her jacket is made to look like a shiny vinyl design. If you remember her 90s outfit, it looked like a long slick raincoat. She ran around with bright blue boots and they gave her blue converse style sneakers. She even has the same style earrings she wore but they are gold instead of pink.

I do love that she's not as busty as the other Kotobukiya bishoujo figures.

And she's rocking jelly bracelets and bright pink lipstick.

She also came with 2 pairs of sunglasses. If you got the first wave of the statue, you got her iconic hot pink sunglasses as well. Of course that's the one I shall be using!

Overall, I am really happy with the Jubilee figure that was created for the collection. I've been such a huge fan on hers when I picked up her first appearance issue. She was a teen running around a mall. She followed Storm, Rouge, and Psylocke to their base where she resuced Wolverine and went on some crazy adventures with him. One can't really find anything Jubilee so when something gets released, I jump on it.

Do you guys own any of the Kotobukiya statues? What are your thoughts on them?

Disclaimer: I bought this statue with my own money. Thoughts are my own.

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