Friday, April 10, 2015

5 Magical Items I’d Love to Own

Which magical items would I like to own...

When I first saw this topic my head went ALL THINGS SAILOR MOON but quickly changed. One item did make its way in there but it would be a really useful item.

1. Adora's Sword

What would I do with it, I don't know but come on! That would be on cool item to have!!

2. Baymax

Sometimes a girl needs a hug and Baymax would give amazing hugs. Hugs are magical. 

3. Chibu Usa's Luna P

In case you don't know. Luna P can be transformed into any item you want. I would probably want a smaller version of the Luna P but to be able to ask for almost anything would be awesome. Oh hey it's raining! Luna P turn into an umbrella!

4. Jerrica's Earrings

Totally stole this from Joie but to have the ability to turn into someone else would be amazing. I think it would be fun. Maybe cause tiny bit of havoc. Nothing major of course. 

5. Ezra's Lightsaber

It's a lightsaber! It's a gun!! It's the coolest thing I have seen and I WANT IT. 

Thanks for reading and Happy Friday!!


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