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5 Times I Totally Fangirled

Happy Friday everyone!! I took a break from blogging this week so I could get myself together in both school and work after taking two days off and being gone for four days. Emerald City was blast and I will have a post soon!

Until then, here is another Fandom Friday post! I love these (Thanks The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick) because it's a pre determine topic and I can just jump right in! They help with writer's block or just when I need a break! And what is today's 5 Fandom Friday post?

5 Times I Totally Fangirled

There have been chances to get to fangirl about a lot of things and I am always thankful for these chances, always. It hard to narrow it down but here are my five!

1. Thomas Jane at SDCC

I am a huge fan of his. I love him as Punisher. I hate the film but love him as the character. Have you checked out his short film Laundry on youtube? Do it! I'll wait. Okay, you back? Cool. Anways, Jaime and I were at SDCC and we were looking for something to do in the evening. We saw a panel for a Q&A and screening of the film Mutant Chronicles which started Ron Pearlman, Devon Aoki, John Malkovich, and Thomas Jane. They were also stated to be there so we went. As we waited in line, we heard come commotion and it was Thomas Jane go down the line thanking all of us for showing up. I got a smile and a wave. Sweet. When we got in and found some seats, I need to run off to the restroom. I walked outside and I ran right into Thomas Jane. Luckily I had my camera, asked for a photo, and he was really sweet. I can't tell you what happened after because I was just too giddy. 

2. Chris Carter at SDCC

The X-Files is my show. This is the show that introduced me to the world of Fandom. He was at SDCC promoting both the comic and the newest X-Files movie "I want to Believe" which was just bad. Anyways, I was walking by the DC comic booth when I saw he was signing but they had already cut the line. Noooo! A really nice person saw my face and said that he was willing to let me stand in line to get his autograph and met him if I took his comic to get it signed for someone else. So I said sure and we swapped! SO AWESOME THANK YOU TO THAT PERSON!! I freaked out, he singed the comics, gave me a poster, and took a photo with me. I fangirled for the rest of the day. 

3. Stan Lee at SDCC

This was my first trip to SDCC ever! I was walking around and found a booth that had these "Stan Lee is my Superhero" shirt. I thought they were cool and decided to pick one up. When I got to the counter, they told me I was one of the first 20 to buy one, handed me a wrist band and to come back at some time. Okay. I wondered around some more, saw the time, and made it back. It was STAN FREAKING LEE!! If you were the first 20 to buy the shirt, you got a chance to met him and get his autograph. I had him signed my shirt, freaked out, and I don't think I said anything else but Thank you. Sadly, no photo because I was alone and freaking out of my mind. I tried to get a photo with him this year at ECCC but those lines were terrible and unorganized. It's ok. I have that shirt and my memory. 

4. Nathan Fillion at NerdHQ 

My first visit to NerdHQ was last year and I had such an amazing time. I actually managed to get tickets to one of Nathan Fillion panel and afterwards he was doing Smiles for Smiles but by the time I got out of the panel to his line. It was capped.  Thankfully he was on a mission to beat out Alan Tudyk in money raised so they opened up his line and I got in! I just want to say how much I enjoyed Slither. My favorite film

5. Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff and Disneyland Paris in Paris

These two get one post on my list together because I fangirled hard! I went to the Cardiff/London/Paris in 2013 and I fangirled for 2 weeks straight but the most of it was during the Doctor Who Experience which I forced everyone in our group to go to. Granted, they are all Doctor Who fans and didn't mind adding two days to Cardiff.  My second time fangirling hard was when we got to Disneyland Paris. We spent one day but it was such an amazing experience. So glad I got to do this. This year, I'm going to Tokyo and you know I will be at Disneyland!

Bonus: George A. Romero at SDCC. We bought Dawn of the Dead on DVD and someone asked if we wanted it signed and it was him! We tried to hang onto our cool. Not sure if happened. Haha..

So there you have it! My 5 times I totally fangirled list. There is a lot more moments but these were the ones that popped into my head. I can't wait to read yours!

Happy Friday!!


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