Espionage Cosmetics: Nerd Make Up Sub Box and ECCC items!

I love Espionage Cosmetics. I just don't know how many more times or way I can say it. It started over their nail wraps which I discovered during their first kickstarter and it just never stopped.

When there second kickstarter hit, they offered the chance at a monthly nerd make up box if the funding hit a certain amount and that it did. I got a box for free for the amount I picked and I added more months.

My first boxed showed up and I am fracking blown away. Inside the box was 4 nail wraps and a lip serum. They also sent a tiny mixing pot! You got 2 preexisting wraps and 2 newly designed ones.

The 2 new designs are Sakura Blossoms and Mystical Mane. My favorite is Sakura Blossoms. I love the color choices and the blossoms have a hit of glitter on them!

The other 2 nail wraps are Claw Covers and League of Justice. This is my third set of Claw Covers. They had one in green for ECCC last year and I picked up the Blue & Red ones at SDCC. 

The lip serum that was included is called Sugar. I actually never tried the serums until ECCC this year when I bought and used Soulless. They smell and taste really good. They are infused with vitamin E oil and coconut. I hate coconut but the smell is not strong so yay for that!! They included the small mixing pot because you can mix their lip serums with their everything eye shadow and make your own colors which I did! 

This nerd make up box was so worth it! Right now they are in beta testing so only those that backed their kickstarter and asked for it are getting them but the card that came in the box says they will open orders to everyone else starting in December. 

Now on to the items I bought at ECCC. They had a booth and were offering an exclusive set at the con and I knew I had to get it so off I went. I walked out with the set and bought more items! I wasn't planning on it.

I custom created my own Everything EyeShaow set. They have fandom theme collections like Browncoats, Gamer Girl, and Otaku but I couldn't decided which colors and the nice lady at the booth said I could create my own. I picked Not Today, Astral Plane, Clockwork, and Tokyo Rose. I also picked up their clear lip serum Soulless.  

They come in these little sifter pots but as you can see on the top left with Not Today, they are not airplane friendly. I used that one at ECCC and when I got home, the powder had just exploded.  I really love Not Today and Tokyo Rose. (bottom right) 

Remember how I mentioned that you can mix everything shadows and lip serums? Here's Not Today mixed with Soulless. I was so worried that it wouldn't work on my lips. I have been buying bright color lipstick and they look disgusting on me and you know what? This color did not. I love it. And once it again, it smells great! 

And now on to their ECCC exclusive set! The set came with 2 nail wraps, lip serum, and everything eyeshadow. 

The nail wraps were comic themed with panels on them. They are black & white with the "sound effects" in green which if you haven't noticed is ECCC signature color. 

The nail wraps look like fun and I can't wait to wear them. They were both the same design which is fine with me. Oh! And they are glow in the dark! GLOW IN THE DARK nail wraps! 

The lip serum included is called Bagged & Boarded. It's kinda like a berry color. The everything eyeshadow is called Crusaderette. It's a green glitter base... think Tinkerbell. 

I never knew I liked green until I had Crusaderette in my hands. It's a really pretty glitter. I can't wait to use it.

And that is my Espionage Cosmetics haul! No swatches because  I didn't want to open them. The less crap I get into my make up, the better.

Are you getting their sub box? Did you hit up ECCC and raided their booth? Let me know what you think!!

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