Games I love to Play!

Games I love to Play!

Games I love to Play! by usagimylene 

Happy Friday everyone!! It's been a week since Star Wars Celebration and I'm still riding that Star Wars high! Is it December yet?

Today's 5 Fandom Friday post is about games and the ones I love to play!

1. Rampage

It's a really fun board game. You play as one of four monsters, destroy buildings, and the one with the most meeps, pieces of buildings win. It's so much fun dropping your monster on to the buldings and collecting your pieces. It makes for a loud and destructive game.

2. Mario Kart

Give me Mario Kart for any of the NES systems! I love racing games and this is the best one. I still need to get Mario Kart 8!! New 200cc track and Animal Crossing DLC!!

3. Cards Against Humanity

I am a terrible human being with terrible friends.

4. Animal Crossing

I have been playing this game since it first popped up on Game Cube. I own them all. They are so much fun but I have been ignoring my town lately.

5. Loteria

In case you don't know what Loteria is, it's like Bingo but with pictures instead of letters/numbers. My family plays it all the time. We bet 25 cents and use beans as the place holders. So much fun and it gets very competitive.

Thanks for joining me this Friday. I think we are going to play some video games tonight before the I have to start typing up my papers. I have one more month left this semester.  

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