My first trip to Star Wars Celebration

Star Wars Celebration 2015 was my first visit. I knew about it but it bounces around the world so I was never able to go because I would already make plans for something else. When it got announced that it would be in Anaheim, California I knew I had to figure out how to get there.

Due to my job PTO situation, I wasn't able to take two days off to attend all four days and plane tickets are very expensive even for an hour flight. Thankfully Jaime was able to snag us one day tickets and we decided to catch Megabus (Kinda like greyhound) down Friday night, spend all day Saturday at celebration, and then catch the bus back that night.

We are crazy but it was worth it.

We got in at 8am (long bus ride was long!) and went over to the convention center to pick up our badges. Princess Leia was on the Saturday badges and I was excited for them. We went to get breakfast and headed back to the convention center. I was on a mission to buy certain things and see certain panels.

I was not prepared for the onslaught of people or the sheer craziness. I thought SDCC was bad! They made us wait in a line to get into the center but then at 10:15 they said screw it and opened all the doors. I ran to the LEGO booth to try and get the Tatooine set and that did not happen. They had a line to give out tickets to get into the line to buy them. They were already sold out. I was bummed so we made our way over to their play area so we could make out own Tie Fighters. When we were at Walt Disney World last year for Star Wars Weekend, we got to make X-Wings! Anyways, we didn't realize how slow the line was moving that I missed my 1130am panel. Whoops. But we got some Tie Fighters!

I then met up with Travis to exchange items! I picked up some stuff for him at ECCC and he got me some items from Her Universe which I was so grateful for because everything exclusive was sold out by the time Saturday came around. Jaime and I then headed off to the Marvel/Star Wars comic panel and we were shut out. 30 mins was not enough time. Lesson learned. With that we went out to get some food and snacks.

We headed back to the exhibit/dealer's room because I waned to find some Sabine, Hera, Princess Leia, and Han Solo figures. Everything that I was interested in was out of my price range or if it was a Sabine or Leia figure way too much for my poor wallet. All the Sabine figures were priced between 30-45 dollars. There were these 12" collector series dolls from 1997 and Han/Luke were give or take about 25-30 but Princess Leia was 45+. I walked away with just a Micro Machine set.

My dream item is an AT-AT but unless Disney re releases them in celebration of the new movie, it won't happen.

We wondered around and decided to try and get in line for the Rebels season 2 premiere. Nope, we weren't early enough for that either. We ended up finding ourselves at the Droid races. I had fun watching all these amazing built droids race around. In the end we decided to just stay until the show flower closed at seven. We weren't going to get into the panels we wanted without waiting hours in line. We only had one day! After the show closed, we then headed over to Downtown Disney to shop a bit and get some dinner before our trip back home.

One day was NOT enough for Star Wars Celebration. The lines were long and everything was gone by Saturday. Also, there were so many booths I missed. Next year it's in London and I really want to go but that's not going to happen with Japan this year. I'm hoping that it will be near by in 2017.

Here's a picture of the items I did get at Star Wars Celebration!

1. Star Wars logo shirt from Her Universe. It glows in the dark!
2.  Lightsaber Skirt from her Universe. It's so pretty!
3. Chief Chirpa! They are releasing six different Ewok plushies and he was the first one. He was sold at D-street at Downtown Disney.
4. The Micro Machine set. It comes with Jawa, Yoda, and Princess Leia as Boushh.
5. Topps Star Wars Rebels cards. I bought a special pack of The Empire Strikes Back cards and while I was there the guys started giving away Star Wars Rebels cards. I got Sabine, Chopper, and some other cool ones.
6. A Mimo Power Tube Chopper rechargeable phone battery.
7. The Topps special pack
8. My Princess Leia Saturday badge!

Overall, it was fun experience and I was so happy we got the chance to go even if it was for one day. I will prepare myself for 2017!! I will be there for however many days it is!

Did you get to go? What did you think of it? I still have so many Star Wars feels!! OMG THAT TRAILER!!! Is it December yet?

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