Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Toy Tuesday: Amiibo! This grown woman hunt for wave 4!

I heard about Amiibo but avoided them like the plauge. I didn't need something else to collect. (Lies!) When they announced Villager from Animal Crossing and Wii Fit Trainer from Wii Fit, I thought why not get them just to display. I love Animal Crossing and always found Wii Fit to be obnoxious.

Yea, unless you pre ordered them or had no job/school you couldn't find them anywhere. No where. Not one place had them. Which was fine because I had no real reason to get them. I mean, I don't even have a Wii U and we had Disney Infinity. It's the same concept but you actually got to play as the characters when you put them on the base and not just have DLC content or whatever. I did't put much thought into it.

Wave 2 came and went. Little Mac who is the character in Mike Tyson's Super Punchout was in that set and I really wanted him. I love to hate that game with so much passion. Again, if you didn't manage to pre order it, you weren't going to find it.

Wave 3 got released and I was at Gamestop. I picked up Toon Link and Mega Man because I thought they looked cool. I found Sonic on Amazon and ended up buying him. I really wanted Rosalina and Luma but that's when I discovered that certain ones were store exclusive. She was one of them. Boo.

I watched the Nintendo Direct stream on April 1st where they announced wave 4. That's when I snapped. I needed to get these damn plastic toys for a system we were still saving up for (That and we don't like the bundle that is out so we are waiting). I started following Amiibo News on twitter so I would get updates for when they went on sale.

I have gone after PAX prime tickets. I have fought for SDCC tickets, I battle my internet speed for Mondo releases but nothing prepared me for the unsought of pre ordering wave 4 Amiibo. Jigglypuff turned out to be a Target exclusive and I had no idea when they one went up but it sold out when I woke up. I gotta sleep like a normal human being. I was sitting at my computer when the word went out that Best Buy put them up. I managed to grab Charizard, Pac-man, and Wario. Lucina and Robin sold out. I kept their pages up and F5ing for 2 days until they were finally removed. Booo. Gamestop put their order up the next day but decided at the last minute to do in store only first and at 12pm my time.

Again, normal human being with a JOB! I need Lucina and Robin but they also had Ness which was at their store only. Jaime offered to go over and pre order them for me but when I called to make sure, the system crashed due to high demand and there were over 100 people in line. I told him to forgot it.

Yes, a grown woman was crying at her desk because she had no chance at Ness. No, there weren't tears involved though I did read on twitter about a grown man did break down and started crying at her local gamestop. Jaime got sidetracked, did some errands, and decided to stop by later that day and they had some Ness left for pre order so he got it for me!

I still needed Lucina and Robin. Rumors were flying around that Toys R Us were putting up their pre orders the next day and they had Greninja as their store only Amiibo. (WHAT IS IT WITH THESE EXCLUSIVES!) Anyways, I woke up that morning to a text message that they went up at 3 EST / Midnight my time and are already sold out.

Do people not sleep?!!?!

I missed out on Jigglypuff, Lucina, Robin, and Greninja. Wal Mart and Amazon haven't put up their pre orders so I've been stalking their site for Lucina and Robin but unless I call out sick and run around cities for Jigglypuff  & Greninja, I won't get them because I have a job and I'm not wasting my PTO for a plastic toy.

Also, I just found out there is another set that is included in Wave 4 and it's based off the game Splatoon. I don't know the game but the Girl, Boy, and Squid are adorable.

So this has been my adventure down the rabbit hole of these plastic toys. Why are they so hard to get? Why is Nintendo evil and not making a lot? LET ME GET THEM!!

And as I typed this, I realized that life is pretty great if my only concern is tracking down plastic toys. I felt the need to mention that.

Are you getting the Amiibo's?


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