5 Fictional Characters You Most Identify With

I have this tendency to get really involved in my TV shows/movies. I find characters that I can relate to in one way or another and I get so invested. I fangirl hard about and it's tough sometimes explaining to people why I have such a love for them. I cry, I yell, I throw things but it's because I love them and you know what, I wouldn't have it any other way.

And what that, here is today's 5 Fandom Friday post - 5 Fictional Character I Identify With!

1. Tsukino Usagi from Sailor Moon

Really? Was this not a given? Haha.. There is a lot of her personality that I just love and I put in so many feelings towards this amazing character. Now that I am older and have re watched the show, I cringe at some of the stories or things they had her do ( lose weight so she'll be pretty) and what not, there are so much that I love about her character. Her flaws, her ability to eat everything, her love of friends and family even though they drive her insane, her addiction to video games/comics/manga, and the fact that no matter how hard she tries to study she gets distracted by shiny things.

2. Louise from Bob's Burgers

Oh my god, if I had a child she would be Louise. I mean, she does so many things that I use to go as a kid (egg people on to do things) that it scares me some times. I wouldn't tell my mother to shut up like she has though. I will say, the part where she got a crush on the member of the boy band she got dragged to see, that was me. Not with a boy band mind you but with actors.. I tried to stop it but nooooope, I wanted to slap that cutie's face. Also, just her view on the world and her family is great. She acts like she doesn't care but she does. And the crazy plots she comes up with! That was totally me.

3. Felicity from Arrow

It's her babbling. Her awkwardness. Her fangirling over things. Her determination.  It's pretty much everything about her except for the whole hacker/smart/graduated from M.I.T with a Masters at 19/ thing. I'm way passed 19 and I am not as smart as her but they don't let that define her in the show. She's still a "normal" (what is normal really?) person who tries to exercise, stress eats, and gets excited over the newest technology! Oh and Oliver on the salmon ladder... *sigh*

4. April from Parks and Rec

Okay, let me admit something here. I haven't seen Parks and Rec. I have caught a few eps here and there but I have never seen the entire series. So how I can I say I identify with April? Tumblr. I would like to thank Tumblr for introducing me to April. She is so gif worthy that she pops up on my dash and I swear to goddess she is me. She's doesn't care for people and it seems she lets a select few into her life. (Louise could be April grown up) She is sarcastic. She is  the black soul and I love her. I think my favorite gif I saw of her said "I don't want to do thing. I want to not do things." I really should watch this show ...

5. Princess Leia from Star Wars

I'm not out saving galaxies like Princess Leia is but I hope I'm out here making the world a tiny bit better place. (I know, I know, this coming from the girl who just said I'm not a people person) She's strong and she doesn't need to be rescued. Now, I see nothing wrong with being rescued but I love the fact that she will try to do it all her self and then ask for help, unless Han is around then that's not going to happen! She speaks her mind and isn't afraid to stand up for herself. I mean, Hello! She spoke back to Darth Vader. SHE SPOKE BACK AND LIVED! I also love how she just can't hold herself back with the insults towards Han! That is me. Granted, sometimes I need to step back and not speak my mind about everything or talk back to someone (like my office manager) but she hits me on a certain level. I always try to do everything myself and then ask for help.

This list was a lot of fun and hard to narrow down! I didn't realize how many character I see myself in. I know I fangirl over a ton of them but it's great seeing which characters are like me. That's a really cool thing to see on screen.

Ah the life of a fangirl!

Have a great weekend!

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