5 Nerdiest Things You've Ever Done

I saw the gif and I had to use it in this blog post. Happy Friday everyone! What are your plans for the weekend?

I am currently running around Disneyland! YAY!! It's there 24 hours day! I have been here since 8am and I will stay at this park until tomorrow 6am. Am I crazy? Yes!

And with that intro, today's 5 Fandom Friday post is  5 Nerdiest Things You've Ever Done!

1. Took a trip to Star Wars weekend for just 24 hours!

Star Wars weekend was held in Anaheim, CA and with the limited amount of PTO I had, I wasn't able to request the full 4 days so I didn't bother. A few weeks before the trip, Jaime got a chance at really discounted day tickets and we decided to take a bus from SF to Anaheim Friday night, got in at 8am, SPENT ALL DAY AT CELEBRATION, had dinner, and then took the 1030pm bus Saturday night back home. Yup. That's actually how my 24 hour Disneyland trip is going to go and we've done the same thing for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios.

It's totally worth it.

2. Went to my first SDCC in 2006 and I went Solo!

I didn't know that many nerdy people who went to cons and the few who I did know just didn't want to go. I finally said screw it, used some airline points, offered to volunteer, found a room, and took my first trip to SDCC by myself. It was crazy, amazing, and I had a blast. I am so glad I went even if it was all alone. Also, this was the year where I did all this planning a month prior to the con! I miss those days.

3. Adding a visit to Cardiff just to visit the Doctor Who Experience

I mean, it wasn't that hard to convince my travel buddies but I was on a mission to make sure I got to visit no matter how long it took me and if I ended up going alone. We did the tour, the experience, and I bought the package that came with some awesome things! You read about it here.

4. I quote ALIENS a lot

I just love this film and I can quote it for you line by line. It will be on and I will start saying the lines and Jaime will tell me to be quiet. I like to quote it during every day things too. Yea, it's awesome!

5. I was in a skit for Anime Expo 2004

I was asked to help out some friends at the time and I actually went on stage and performed. The lines were recorded by someone else ahead of time. I just had to do the movements. I was Nami from One Piece and the idea was that the One Piece crew made over Harry Potter into a pirate. It was a blast. We won Group Presentation Runner Up.

And there you have it. I love this topic but I don't know why it gave me such a hard time. Once again, I couldn't find photos from SDCC 2006 which is making me really sad if I lost them. Granted, it was just me so I wasn't in them but I know I took some!

Enjoy your weekend!!

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